New Book

NEW BOOK! Thriving after abuse

Are victims of childhood abuse damaged beyond cure?
How can they not just survive but thrive?
Written by a survivor
De-mystifies challenging behaviours
Educates and enlightens on the effects of trauma
Provides tools to help Read More »

NEW BOOK: Mental health mystery-romance

Inside story of mental health therapy
Moves away from labelling and stereotypes
A mystery to be solved
Unique psychologist’s perspective
Third in series of Dr Mike Lewis novels
Stand-alone novel Read More »

NEW BOOK: A child refugee questions her identity

How does a teen discover or give up their identity?
Is Lena Jewish or Christian; Israeli, German or British?
Set against the backdrop of post-war Britain
Powerful Holocaust experience accounts
Moves between Canterbury and newly formed Israel Read More »

NEW BOOK: Mugabe’s Zimbabwe remembered by former child slave

Stunning account of escape from childhood slavery
Inspiring, moving and true story of two men from opposite backgrounds reconciling their pasts
Backdrop of life in Mugabe’s brutal Zimbabwe and racist, colonial Rhodesia
A story of God’s grace and the transforming power of forgiveness Read More »

NEW BOOK: What happens when Jesus comes to town

Do you struggle with church unity?
Is your church making a difference?
Inspirational account of God moving in east London
Part of global city transformation movement
A call to church partnership
Effective and relevant local mission Read More »