NEW BOOK! Thriving after abuse

Are victims of childhood abuse damaged beyond cure?
How can they not just survive but thrive?
Written by a survivor
De-mystifies challenging behaviours
Educates and enlightens on the effects of trauma
Provides tools to help Read More »

Sample Chapters! Being Lena Levi

Chapter One 
Mum looked odd, kind of pasty, as she opened the front door. I slung my heavy, half-term satchel with my dirty sports kit in it onto the hall floor. I hung my panama hat and blazer on the coat stand as usual, but instead of heading for the kitchen with promises of supper, Mum tugged at the hem of my skirt, fiddled with my tie and plaits and looked me up and down.  Read More »

Sample Chapters! Red Cabbage Blue

Friday 22nd December 2006 
Around Christmas, the Psychology Department becomes empty and eerily unfamiliar; even the smell seems to revert to its former use as a psychiatric ward. I was the only one in on the Friday before Christmas – the ‘skeleton cover’ required by management over the holiday period. Appropriately named, as it happened.
I checked the waiting area at 10.20 am for my new client. She was already there… Read More »

Sample Chapters! A Ready Man: Hugh Stowell Brown

His Early Days
The weather was typically stormy in the tempestuous channel between the Isle of Man and Great Britain on the night of 19th November 1830. The cruel winds drove the steam packet St George on to St Mary’s Rock in Douglas Bay. The wrecking of the steamship was one of Hugh Stowell Brown’s earliest memories… Read More »

Sample Chapters! Astonishment

The man in the Mazda sedan tightens his grip on the wheel and flicks an anxious glance at the rear-view mirror. He’s heading north on the N1 highway, eating up the miles through the flat grasslands of South Africa’s Limpopo Province. In a couple of hours, so he hopes… Read More »

Exciting and important change at Instant Apostle

As many of you may be aware, over the past couple of years Manoj has had pastoral and teaching responsibilities for a Baptist church in Barking. Having enjoyed the work, he is delighted to be starting as a Baptist minister in training at Pinner Baptist Church this autumn. With the increased ministry and study commitments … Read more …

NEW BOOK: Mental health mystery-romance

Inside story of mental health therapy
Moves away from labelling and stereotypes
A mystery to be solved
Unique psychologist’s perspective
Third in series of Dr Mike Lewis novels
Stand-alone novel Read More »

NEW BOOK: A child refugee questions her identity

How does a teen discover or give up their identity?
Is Lena Jewish or Christian; Israeli, German or British?
Set against the backdrop of post-war Britain
Powerful Holocaust experience accounts
Moves between Canterbury and newly formed Israel Read More »