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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Pamela Brown-Peterside

Pamela, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?
I’ve been writing creative non-fiction since 2008, but before that I wrote and published some academic articles in public health journals.
African Pearl records personal details of your own journey into discovering and understanding more about your identity – how did you find writing about these things?
I wanted to use Read More »

Sample Chapters! African Pearl

‘There’s a strange disease killing people in Kikyo,’ Kisembo tells me, a frown spreading across his face. Whenever I go in to pay my bill at his drug shop – the one with a black and white fence a few houses down from Nyahuka Health Centre – if I settle onto a bench and lean my head against the wall, I know I’ll get more than just a receipt. This morning I hadn’t intended to stay.
‘A strange disease? What could it be?’ Crossing my legs, I notice… Read More »

NEW BOOK! African Pearl

The story of an epidemic
From New York’s Bronx to a Ugandan village
An Irish-Nigerian returns to Africa
Addresses singleness, identity, sacrifice and calling
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Easter Sunday reflection

What can we learn about the presence of the fullness of the kingdom and the free running God at the empty tomb? Learn more in this extract from Shaun Lambert’s A Book of Sparks! Read More »

Good Friday reflection

It is finished! Powerful chapter on the crucifixion from Roy Millar’s beautiful and rich devotional commentary, Come and See. Read More »

Sample Chapters! Through the Storms

Chapter One
At Death’s Door
Someone was ill… very ill indeed. I could hear voices – doctors’ voices, low and concerned, whispering.
I knew I was in the ICU. I also knew it was night-time, but not because it was dark. Day and the night were the same in the ICU… Read More »

Sample Chapters! Man of Glass

Chapter One 
East Riding of Yorkshire, early spring 1349 
A few spluttering and stinking tallow candles added little light to the meagre glow of smouldering damp logs in the fireplace of the Warren Horesby tavern. A seated figure in coarse travel robes sat with hands tucked in wide sleeves to keep warm. His hood flopped forward, deeply shadowing his eyes. Around him huddled the men of the village… Read More »

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Andrea Sarginson

Andrea, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?
I suppose I’ve always enjoyed the process of writing and any research involved but I started to focus on it more when my mother was distressingly ill about eleven years ago; I found writing my thoughts very therapeutic. Then I decided to do an Open University creative writing course… Read More »