• Breakthrough

    Giles D Lascelle

    Is a full and abundant life possible if your childhood has been shattered by abuse? One-in-five of us experience severe abuse in some form as children,* often leading to devastating emotional and mental health problems in adulthood. Giles D Lascelle, an abuse survivor, ordained minister and psychotherapist, examines...

  • Adventures in a Foreign Land

    Lorraine Gibbard

    When Lorraine Gibbard became a Christian, she could not imagine the tumultuous journey awaiting her.

    A sudden onset of mental illness...

  • Mindful of the Light

    Dr Stephen Critchlow

    Many people today are living with mental health issues. How do we recognise symptoms? What can we do to help? Does it help to have 'faith'?

    Stephen Critchlow is a Christian psychiatrist...

  • A Thorn in My Mind

    Dr Cathy Wield

    Cathy Wield is uniquely qualified to write on the subject of mental illness as both a doctor and also a patient, who has experience of both instantaneous miraculous healing, and gradual recovery from severe depression. This is her testimony to ongoing healing and maturity during the process of learning to live with serious illness, and of a God who is with us regardless of our physical or mental state.

Meet our Authors

  • Giles D Lascelle

    Giles D Lascelle is an ordained minister and psychotherapist specialising in trauma. He has been working with people who were abused or traumatised for over thirty years, with Social Services, in the NHS and in private practice. He currently leads Breakthrough, a Christian charity providing access to specialist therapy and support for adult survivors of abuse and other childhood trauma, and training for churches and other organisations in how to support them.

  • Lorraine Gibbard

    Following a career teaching in Liverpool, Lorraine Gibbard moved with her husband to the Lake District in Cumbria, where she continued to work and help bring up three daughters.

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