New Book

NEW BOOK: New Wine host Mary Kissell’s memoir

How did a simple daily habit help to transform the lives of thousands?
How can you learn to live in hourly dependence upon God?
Learn how the Holy Spirit speaks and how to pray effectively
Describes paths which have led to a vibrancy of life at every turn Read More »

NEW BOOK: Chaiya Art Awards – where is God?

Explores the mystery of ‘Where is God?’ today
Showcases 60+ shortlisted art works for £10,000 Chaiya Art Award
Takes the Gospel into secular spaces
A multitude of original and stimulating responses
Thought-provoking word pictures and quotes Read More »

NEW BOOK: Worlds apart

How can we stir excitement in children for heaven?
Offers a creative interpretation of the promised ‘new earth’
Can inspire and instil purpose and a sense of adventure in children and parents alike
Third in the thrilling series of Lucy Butterfly dream tales Read More »

NEW BOOK: Lost in a foreign land

Honest, personal account of mental illness and recovery.
Shows how churches can respond.
Offers insight into ongoing stigma around mental health.
A guide for sufferers and carers to key means of healing. Read More »