NEW BOOK! What trusts would you break?

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Thought-provoking contemporary novel
Temptation versus trust
How deep desires can shape choices
Covers singleness, infidelity, infertility and adoption
Portrays ups and downs of vicarage life

As Christians, what do we do when faced with temptation? Are we able to take a deep breath and trust God or do we take matters into our own hands? In the choices we make, are we prepared to compromise our own principles, and can we even convince ourselves that our will must be God’s when we are so desperate to achieve the deepest desires of our hearts? Can we run away from God when we have convinced ourselves that life shouldn’t be this difficult? In short, are we really all ‘saints’?

These are the questions at the centre of a powerful contemporary novel addressing singleness, infertility, adoption and marital infidelity. The story takes place over a year and centres on three Christian women in a rural church: beautiful and determined Hayley, careworn and devoted Sophie, selfless but self-doubting Lucy – they share faith and unfulfilled longings. But when temptations arise, to what lengths will each go to satisfy their desires? What will it mean to believe and what trusts will they be willing to break? When one of their choices comes to light it is bound to end in tears – but does it have to end in tragedy?

For Sophie, the vicar’s wife, there are also struggles with the ups and downs of vicarage life, interesting members of the congregation and some of the amusing, even ludicrous, things that can happen in a church.

Author Ellie Carter says, ‘For Christians and non-Christians alike, life as a single person, when it wouldn’t have been your choice, can be a hard path to tread. Likewise, infertility is a very real thing for many couples, and it can be heart-breaking. Alongside that, adoption should never be thought of as a silver bullet for couples who are unable to conceive naturally. The pain of infertility never really goes away. Many children who are adopted will have been removed from difficult situations and can have challenging behaviour, through absolutely no fault of their own. Traditional parenting methods may not always be appropriate and good advice can be hard to come by. I have tried to include a basic gospel outline and a little discussion around areas people sometimes ask about Christianity as the story progresses.’

About the author: Ellie Carter has worked for the NHS and has walked the path of infertility. She and her husband, who is a Church of England minister, are now blessed with two adopted children.


All Saints by Ellie Carter (ISBN: 9781912726219) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 19th June 2020 from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Non-fiction, 256pp, £8.99.


  • Ellie Carter

    Ellie Carter* is married to a vicar and has two adopted children. Having prayed, ‘Dear God, if You’re there, please let me know,’ as a teenager, she found her questions answered in a local church youth group, where she met Jesus.

  • All Saints?

    Ellie Carter

    Three women, three friends, three saints... or are they?
    Beautiful and determined Hayley, careworn and devoted Sophie, selfless but self-doubting Lucy – they share faith and unfulfilled longings as they confront painful challenges of infertility, adoption and singleness.
    But when temptations arise...