New Book

NEW NOVEL: The Pilgrim

‘A masterpiece of historical fiction.’
Wendy H Jones, author and writing coach

The BBC’s recent series, Forgiveness: Stories from the Front Line, thoughtfully explores the power of forgiving. Perhaps surprisingly, the presenter concludes that self-forgiveness is the hardest kind, being so bound up with regret and shame, yet it has the power to transform our lives.

In her new historical novel, The Pilgrim, Joy Margetts sensitively tackles the subject of forgiveness, in particular self-forgiveness… Read More »

NEW BOOK: The Crucible of Leadership

‘An informed consideration of leadership, underpinned by the careful use of Scripture, wide reading and recent research.’
Rev Dr Derek Tidball, former Principal of the London School of Theology

In recent years, there has been a craze for all things ‘leadership’, with one fad after another promising dramatic change. But as headlines have proven in recent months, just what constitutes good leadership is very far from settled. So if the quick fixes don’t work, where can we turn to discover how we might lead well, in church or in the workplace, when our time comes? Read More »

NEW BOOK: Standing in the Storm

‘In the darkest part of my life, in the middle of the mess and suffering, Jesus was there, holding my hand and giving me the strength I needed to simply stand in the storm.’
One in two of us in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lives – and all of us who are not will be close to someone who is. So when the diagnosis comes, when the storm strikes, where will we go to find strength and comfort?

In 2016, speaker and worship leader Matt McChlery and his wife faced just this question… Read More »

NEW NOVEL: Crazy About Horses

‘Isabel stands in the place of all young people as she comes face to face with wounds from her past, deep rejection issues and fears for her future. It is a great book for teenagers and has a “rooted in reality” message of hope that is so desperately needed today.’
Tracy Williamson, Author and Speaker, MBM Trust

Research from the Anti-Bullying Alliance reveals that one in four children report being bullied ‘a lot or always’. Such trauma can cause long-term damage to a child’s confidence and well-being. But one source of therapy… Read More »

NEW BOOK: His Kingdom, My Business

‘Draws a wealth of wisdom from both Scripture and the world of business that moves us out of the confines of holy huddles to join God on His mission.’
Andy Frost, Director Share Jesus International

The average Brit can expect to spend 85,000 hours at work! And for many, the ‘daily grind’ is just that – a grind! So how can Christians make the most of their time at work: fulfil their calling, honour God and bless their colleagues? Read More »

NEW BOOK: Not Forgotten

‘Takes my breath away and significantly affects my understanding of the purposes of God.’
Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor

While there are beacons of hope, UK church attendance continues to fall, and reaching the next generation remains a great challenge.[1] Faced with finding ourselves on the margins, where can we – the Church – find encouragement… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Worship Leading Essentials

‘I am profoundly grateful for this practical and accessible book.’
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

When experienced worship leader Richard Venable watched his sons, along with many others, stepping into leading worship, he realised the urgent need for a simple guide to inspire, equip and disciple them. Worship Leading Essentials is that book… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Dying to Get There

‘Scripture-based, and thoroughly enjoyable.’
Mark Middleton, Executive Director, Equip Canada

With the start of a new year, many of us will be have been reflecting on the coming twelve months. How can we make most of 2022? How can we break old habits and create new ones? How can we deal with the difficulties we face? But for how many of us will the prospect of heaven been a factor? Read More »

NEW NOVEL: The Trials of Isabella M Smugge

‘Another hashtag-filled ride… balancing life’s unexpected with honesty, hope and style.’
Lauren H Brandenburg – award-winning author of The Death of Mungo Blackwell

In her sparkling new novel The Trials of Isabella M Smugge, freelance writer Ruth Leigh explores what it looks like for someone new to church to explore questions of faith. What does it mean to be honest with God in prayer… Read More »

NEW BOOK: What does it take to be a Christian writer?

‘The Association of Christian Writers has given [me] and many, many others a great deal.’ Adrian Plass

With all the changes the past eighteen months have brought, many people have found themselves wondering if it is time for them to finally write that book they have always wanted to. But what does it take to be a writer?

For the past fifty years, the Association of Christian Writers (ACW) has been providing… Read More »