New Book

NEW BOOK: What next for the prodigal son?

‘A foundational message that all of us need.’ John Arnott, Catch The Fire World

The story of the Prodigal Son may be the most well-known parable Jesus told. Yet what would have happened next for the returning prodigal had the story continued? How would he have adjusted to his new identity as an ennobled son, and what lessons might there be for our lives? Read More »

NEW BOOK: Discover a wholehearted passion!

‘Rich in Scripture, practical and challenging, this book will have a profound impact on your life.’
Gavin Calver, CEO, Evangelical Alliance

Apparently, fifty-four is the age at which we lose our passion for life. But does this have to be the case? And where might we look for inspiration, whatever our age? In Wholehearted, Duncan Clark thinks he has an answer! Based on the life of the Old Testament hero Caleb… Read More »

NEW BOOK: A story of rural renewal

‘A visionary work that has endured and flourished.’
Rev Canon J.John

In the Church, we are used to hearing stories of God renewing and redeeming communities in our cities. But what might a work of God look like in the countryside, with its different demographics, resources and – crucially – geography? Redigging the Wells tells us just that! Read More »

NEW BOOK: The cause and character of the Kingdom entrepreneur

‘Every founder, owner and manager in companies of any size or scale will find this book to be a vital asset’ Stephen K De Silva, CPA (retired), Author of Money and the Prosperous Soul The coronavirus pandemic has ignited the UK’s strongest start-up boom in a decade, with a flood of new entrepreneurs.[1] But are … Read more …

NEW NOVEL: Mystery-thriller tackles social justice issues for Gen Z

Generation Z has been making the headlines for everything from its different approach to skinny jeans to work-place expectations and company values. But if one thing stands out, it is an overriding concern with issues of social justice and the environment[1] – issues author Ben Mears tackles through his post-apocalyptic detective mystery series, Banyard and … Read more …

NEW BOOK: The revivals and miracles that heralded Elim Pentecostal’s birth

‘Conveys the excitement and the miracles – as well as the troubles – that attended those formative years.’ William Kay, Professor of Theology at Glyndwr University The Elim Pentecostal Church burst onto the national scene in the 1920s in a whirlwind of miraculous healings and tens of thousands of converts. Its founder, George Jeffreys, became … Read more …

NEW BOOK: ‘Hygge’ for the heartbroken

Danish winters can be long and dark – and yet the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. Their winter practice of ‘hygge’ – something akin to ‘cosiness’ – is a key reason for this, transforming the bleakest season into one of connection and warmth.

In her stunning new book, Walking through Winter, Katherine Gantlett shows us how we too can… Read More »

NEW BOOK: A wife confronts the ‘giant’ of dementia

There are currently 700,000 people caring for family members with dementia in the UK, yet how many us know what life is truly like for these devoted companions?* Often their life and their identity, just like their loved one with the condition, is dominated by the disease. So how do they keep looking forward and put the ‘giant’ that dementia can seem to be, behind their back?

When Carolyn Donnelly’s husband was diagnosed with mixed dementia… Read More »

NEW BOOK: What can we learn from Mrs Noah?

Did you know that half the people on Noah’s ark were women? But what do we know about them and what can we learn from the uncertainty, change and new beginnings they must have been confronted by, all issues that echo for us today?

In her inspiring, honest and compelling book… Read More »