Instant Apostle is an award-winning UK Christian publisher releasing faith-filled books by new and established authors. Founded in 2012, our goal has always been to further God’s Kingdom through the written word, and through the platform writing can give our authors to share their faith.

We publish books written from a Christian perspective, but which are often relevant to those of all faiths and none. Our publications cross all genres, from autobiographies and fantasy fiction, to life ministry and academic titles, and are produced to the highest professional standards.

It is also important to us as a Christian publisher to release books that address the pressing social issues of our day. Race relations in the Church, mental health problems and infertility are just some of the pertinent topics our writes have addressed. Written by people with extensive experience in these areas, and an urgent desire to see things change, these books challenge readers, showing us how we and those we know can respond.

Are you an author looking for a UK Christian publisher? Do you have something creative, authentic and original to share? Then please check our submissions page and get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Award-winning UK Christian Publisher

We were delighted to be named Small Publisher of the Year at Christian Resources Together 2018.

Award-winning UK Christian Publisher

Distribution and Representation

Instant Apostle titles are published in paperback and Kindle formats, and are available for sale in the UK and abroad. In the UK, our books are distributed via Marston Book Services. We promote to the general market and Lion Sales Services represent us to Christian bookshops.

A number of our publications are also sold through Koorong and Word into Australia.

Rights can be bought for books to be made available in other languages.