NEW BOOK! Finding a theology of suffering

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A journey through extreme pain
Faith tested to the limits
For people in seemingly hopeless situations and their carers
Trusting God in adversity
Grapples with age-old problem of suffering
Authentic inspiration and comfort

‘There are deep lessons here that can affect the lives of every one of us.’
Rob Parsons OBE, author and speaker

Where is God when life hurts? How do we grapple with faith amid chronic pain, serious illness and impossibly difficult circumstances?

Eric Gaudion has fought a long battle with one of the most painful conditions known to humankind: pancreatitis. Lasting 22 years, with more than 100 admissions to hospital, more than 30 operations, several near-death encounters, the trauma of transplant surgery and the constant expectation of death, Eric now writes of his struggle to come to terms with his faith and his condition. Facing post-traumatic stress disorder and huge questions about healing raised by his Pentecostal/Charismatic beliefs and role as a minister, his illness led to much soul searching and the need to dig deep into his faith in order to survive.

This is the story of the enormous challenges he and his wife Diane faced as they set out to follow Christ and serve him at home and overseas.

Eric says: ‘I have come to see that we need both a theology of healing and a theology of suffering. There is, after all, a cross at the centre of our faith. My goal is to give sufferers hope, encouragement, reassurance that they are known and loved by God, and ultimately to bring Him glory. I also want to help Christians who believe, as I do, that ours is a loving God who heals, to come to terms with those circumstances where prayer does not yet seem to have been answered. If you, like the psalmist, are crying out, “How long, O Lord?” (Psalm 6:3) then this book may help you to hold on in faith till the answer does come.’

Eric offers insight into post-trauma recovery and medium-to long-term strategies for overcoming the ‘down-drag’ caused to faith and psychological well-being by chronic pain. He talks about the benefits of mindfulness, hope and forgiveness, and deals with issues of self-worth, looking even at the terrible temptation to end it all when life is so painful.

In his foreword, Jeff Lucas writes, ‘Eric tells the truth about pain. There’s no gloss, fluff, hyper-spirituality or clichés. You won’t find slick answers in this book. What you will find are words that are written in blood, sweat and tears. You’ll look into the heart of a fellow traveller, who must have been tempted to slam the door once and for all in the face of a God who calls Himself good. Here is a warm hope, honest empathy and faith that is gritty and authentic.’


Through the Storms by Eric Gaudion (ISBN: 9781912726172) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 20th February 2020 from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Non-fiction, 224pp, £8.99.


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    Eric Gaudion was born and now lives in Guernsey. He is an ordained minister with the Elim Pentecostal Church who...

  • Through the Storms

    Eric Gaudion

    After more than twenty years battling pancreatitis – one of the most painful disorders known to humankind – involving more than a hundred hospital admissions, more than thirty operations, several near-death encounters, the trauma of transplant surgery and the constant expectation of death, Eric Gaudion shares how he reconciled his faith and his condition...