• Walking on Water

    Klaus-Dieter John

    The indigenous Quechua people of Peru had been marginalised and oppressed for decades. But God had not forgotten them! When He called Drs Klaus and Martina John to build a modern European-standard hospital in the Andes, no one could have imagined the miracles that would follow...

  • Polished Arrows

    Jenny Sanders

    ‘He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver’ (Isaiah 49:2)
    Traditional arrow-making is a beautiful metaphor for how God works in our lives. Requiring great skill and artistry, elegant weapons are crafted from the rawest materials. Expertly guiding us through...

  • Mindful Formation

    Shaun Lambert

    Our capacity for attention, assailed by the virtual world and the demands of modern media, is in crisis. Reclaiming our attention from their gravitational pull is the primary spiritual task of our time – and the goal of mindful formation. Sharing his own...

  • Stories from the Road

    Nigel Rostock

    ‘Looking back, if I had known that I would be swamped in a full-blown flood in Rome, that both brakes would fail in the Alps, or that I would be sliding sideways on loose gravel towards a sheer drop, I may never have taken the Harley out of the garage. But God had other ideas...’

Meet our Authors

  • Klaus-Dieter John

    Dr Klaus-Dieter John gained valuable experience during his specialist medical studies at Harvard, Yale, Johannesburg and Berlin. Together with...

  • Shaun Lambert

    Shaun Lambert is a writer, psychotherapist, mindfulness researcher, Baptist minister, and honorary mindfulness chaplain to the Scargill Movement. He is...

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