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Many of our authors are regular Christian event speakers, covering subjects related to their books and more!

If you are looking for Christian event speakers – be it someone for a men’s or women’s breakfast, a guest service, a church weekend, a school World Book Day, or something else – then do take a look at the authors shown here.

Based all around the UK, they are passionate about the messages they have to share, are often able to travel, and can guarantee a great event!


Bryony Wood

Bryony is an experienced author, radio presenter and, now, ordained Anglican Priest – not to mention, a spiritual accompanier, purveyor of stories and hot dinners, and a ‘Sound of Music’ theologian.

Based on her creative devotional, The Sound of Musings, Bryony has created a sparkling and original live event that is perfect for encouraging Christians, intriguing their friends and entertaining everyone! Called ‘The Sound of Musings – Live!’, it is a wonderful way to get people together and share the gospel message in a very unique, safe and personal way.

Contact Bryony through her website: 


Shaun Lambert

Christian event speaker


Shaun is a Baptist minister, former banker and now Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain at the Scargill retreat centre, where he is also part of their extended community in Skipton.

A Christian mindfulness expert, with a PhD in Mindfulness of God, he has often been a guest on the BBC, including Radio 2 and the Radio 4 Daily Service, as well as Share Radio, Premier Radio and UCB. He has spoken regularly at New Wine, Spring Harvest and HTB Focus conferences, and multiple mindfulness retreats. He is a co-founder of National Mindfulness Day for Christians and is available to lecture, lead seminars and host retreats.

Shaun is the author of A Book of Sparks, Putting on the Wakeful One and Flat Earth Unroofed.

Contact Shaun through his website:


Ruth Leigh

Christian event speaker


Ruth is the brilliant creator of Issy Smugge, the eponymous heroine of her sparkling fiction trilogy that began with The Diary of Isabella M Smugge. An experienced journalist and speaker, Ruth does events with schools, churches, libraries, Women’s Institutes and more! She loves nothing more than helping students realise that poetry doesn’t have to rhyme and can be funny, that words can be consumed in a myriad of ways and that writing can actually be enjoyable; sharing top tips and hacks with aspiring writers and making her listeners laugh and cry in the same sentence.

Contact Ruth through her website: and find her across the socials at @ruthleighwrites


Nicki Copeland

Christian event speaker

NW London

Nicki loves to encourage others to throw off everything that holds them back, and to embrace the freedom God offers.

She is the author of Losing the Fig Leaf and Less Than Ordinary?, books telling her own story of growing in confidence in who God made her to be and revealing the things we use to hide from God and ourselves. She is currently studying for a Masters in Kingdom Theology with Westminster Theological Centre.

As well as sermons and inspirational talks, Nicki speaks on the subject of writing and being published. Nicki has spoken at CWR’s Inspiring Women Weekend, and many women’s conferences and breakfast meetings.

Contact Nicki through her professional website:


Susie Flashman Jarvis

Christian event speaker


Susie is an experienced therapist, accredited counsellor and executive coach. She is also a happily married mother and grandmother. But it was not always like this!

A one-time Page Three girl, she modelled internationally, only to lose everything to heroin addiction and relationship breakdowns – but then God intervened and transformed her life, a story she tells in her powerful autobiography Potholes and Bellyflops.

An experienced speaker and communicator, Susie does local and national events, including New Wine and Spring Harvest, sharing her passion for Jesus and His transformative power in our lives.

Contact Susie through her professional website:


Rahil Patel

Christian event speaker


Rahil is the author of the award-winning biography, Found by Love, telling his story of encountering Christ as a Hindu priest – an encounter that turned his life upside down. A renowned speaker, Rahil travels widely with his wife, Szabina, sharing his powerful testimony of Christ’s love.

Contact Rahil through his website:


Matt McChlery

Christian event speaker

East Anglia

Matt loves to give relevant, practical biblical teaching that points people to Jesus in whatever situation they may be facing.

He is the author of Standing in the Storm: Living with Faith and Cancer, a book packed full of hope that speaks of his experience of living with faith whilst going through treatment for stage four cancer and what God taught him along the way, and The Prison Letters: a 40-day devotional for Lent that explores four of Paul’s letters that he wrote whilst in prison that teach and encourage us to live our lives for Jesus today. He also has various daily devotional notes published by the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF).

Matt currently serves as one of the lead pastors at The King’s Church, Wisbech and preaches and leads sung worship regularly. He has also spoken at an Association of Christian Writer’s (ACW) workshop on book marketing and hosts the Christian Book Blurb podcast.

Matt can speak on topics covered in his books such as suffering, healing and hope but is not limited to these as being a Bible teacher, he can prepare a talk on any given subject.

Contact Matt through his website:


Ian Mayer

Christian event speaker

North Yorkshire

Ian is an author, entrepreneur and leadership speaker. He is passionate about renewing the local church and seeing it equipped to transform the world around it. Are We Brave Enough? is his inspirational guide as to how, together, we can make this happen.

A Public Leadership Ambassador for the Evangelical Alliance, Ian regularly speaks in churches across a range of different events.

Contact Ian through his professional website: or on social media @ianrmayer


Alan Wilson

Christian event speaker

Northern Ireland

Alan is a teacher and speaker, currently working across several Bible colleges and preaching in a range of churches. He is also the host and producer of ‘The Leadership Journey Podcast’ (available on various podcast outlets). Previously he served as a pastor for just over 20 years, most of that time in Switzerland. He is the author of The Crucible of Leadership, a book exploring several challenges of leadership within the framework of the biblical account of Moses.

Alan is available for preaching but also to facilitate leadership seminars for church and other Christian leadership teams.

You can contact Alan via his website:


Jenny Sanders

Christian event speaker


Jenny’s passion is ‘to see the lights come on’ for people when they grasp the magnificence of God’s grace and the excitement of living life with Him at the helm.

She is the author of Spiritual Feasting, which explores Psalm 23:5, asking how it is possible to feast at the table God has prepared for us when life serves us dishes which are bitter and sour. Using Biblical and contemporary examples, she unpacks the truths of God’s word and the privilege of intimacy with Him.

Jenny is a speaker, encourager and mentor. She co-leads Steadfast, a women’s group of ‘ordinary, imperfect Jesus-followers and warriors committed to digging into the steadfastness of God’s love, grace and promises even when the going gets tough.’

In a very different genre, she has written a number of books for Key Stage 2 children, and is bookable for creative writing sessions in schools.

Jenny lives between the UK and South Africa with her husband. Together they have been training leaders across streams and denominations for almost forty years.

Contact Jenny through her website:


Bobbie Ann Cole

Christian event speaker


Bobbie is the author of novel Being Lena Levi, shortlisted for the Eyelands Book of the Year Award, 2019,  and her own amazing faith story echoes that of the biblical character Ruth. With a Jewish background, Bobbie spent years in Israel as a Messianic Jew and is well-placed to talk about the Jewish Jesus, Judaism and Israel, from Bible times to the present day. She is a qualified teacher and book coach to Christian writers, leading workshops online and in person on writing, journaling, Bible World and about Mary of Nazareth’s inspirational journey to discipleship, which is her current work in progress.

Occasionally in her native UK for live engagements, Bobbie is now based in Atlantic Canada.

Contact Bobbie at or  through her website:


Check back for more Christian event speakers in the future!