New Book

NEW BOOK: Chaiya Art Awards – where is God?

Explores the mystery of ‘Where is God?’ today
Showcases 60+ shortlisted art works for £10,000 Chaiya Art Award
Takes the Gospel into secular spaces
A multitude of original and stimulating responses
Thought-provoking word pictures and quotes Read More »

NEW BOOK: Worlds apart

How can we stir excitement in children for heaven?
Offers a creative interpretation of the promised ‘new earth’
Can inspire and instil purpose and a sense of adventure in children and parents alike
Third in the thrilling series of Lucy Butterfly dream tales Read More »

NEW BOOK: Lost in a foreign land

Honest, personal account of mental illness and recovery.
Shows how churches can respond.
Offers insight into ongoing stigma around mental health.
A guide for sufferers and carers to key means of healing. Read More »

NEW BOOK: A Call to Arms

Prophetic, compelling and inspirational.
A ‘Now’ word to the Church for every believer to rise up!
Move from maintenance mode to advancing the gospel.
Healing for the hurting.
Provides tools to equip and empower. Read More »

NEW BOOK: The Gardener’s Daughter

Compelling tale of abandonment and the search for love and identity.
A quest to find a father and a place called home.
Weaves core biblical themes into an exciting plot.
Shows forgiveness and grace triumph over evil. Read More »

NEW BOOK: Is God really legit?

Aimed at big questions teenagers ask.
Evolution or creationism: do we have to choose?
Who is God?
What about the Big Bang?
Can science and faith add up? Read More »