NEW BOOK: Brain-teasing treasure hunt

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Intriguing, brain-teasing mystery
Tantalising puzzles to solve in the quest for treasure
Finding clues in acrostic poems
Unlikely people searching the Bible …
… and finding the greatest treasure
Beautiful, evocative setting on the west coast of Scotland

‘Strongly recommended.’ 
Professor Peter Scott, Director of the Lincoln Theological Institute

In our fast-paced, tech-ridden society we constantly look to the future and to science in the pursuit of solutions to pressing modern-day problems. But is it possible that many answers are actually to be found in the past? How many of us consider the possibility that ancient texts might hold the key to solving twenty-first-century problems? For many people today, reading the Bible might seem the last course of action to consider when looking for solutions. But what might happen if they were to take its contents seriously, if people who would normally never consider the Bible were to seek answers there?

This is the question Harry Hunter asks in this his latest novel. He says of his characters, ‘Like many people, the folk of Kilfinan aren’t terribly religious but often have a spiritual side. Like many, they have a Bible in the house and have a vague recollection of Bible stories from schooldays. Like many, these characters are intrigued by the possibility of solving a puzzle, especially if there might be a reward at the end of it.’

The story is set in Kilfinan, a fictional seaside town in the west of Scotland, populated with a range of recognisable and interesting characters going about various types of daily business. Drawing on Harry Hunter’s predilection for rhyming acrostic poems, mysterious poems start appearing in the local paper, which get the most unlikely people searching the Bible. Throughout the book, characters discover the biblical scriptures in ways that set them thinking, and which lead to unexpected encounters.

‘You don’t have to be “religious” to enjoy the book,’ says Harry. ‘Most of the characters wouldn’t describe themselves as religious, especially the protagonist. However, when non-religious people look at what the Bible actually says, they often find it relevant to their own circumstances.’

Come and meet the characters of Kilfinan as they quest after the greatest treasure of all.

What reviewers say:

‘A tale of a treasure hunt, with the Bible providing clues: a highly enjoyable read, and an edifying one. Strongly recommended.’ 
Professor Peter Scott, Director of the Lincoln Theological Institute based at Manchester University

‘I became involved through a puzzle and along the way I am introduced to a spectrum of well-portrayed people, each different in personality and circumstance – a telling cross section of any parish. Incorporation of modern media, bloggers and search engines make it all very realistic. Many of the trite dictums of Church teaching are given a new relevance. Pass it on!’ 
Bud Young, magazine editor and landscape consultant

‘With characters that pop, spirited dialogue and puzzles that pull you in, this book will keep you reading until the last surprising page.’ 
Wendy H Jones, author of the award-winning DI Shona McKenzie mysteries

The Kilfinan Treasure by Harry Hunter (ISBN: 9781912726059) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 21st March 2019 from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Fiction, 128pp, £7.99.


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