NEW BOOK: If Not Now, When?

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Does the past bind you?
Are you afraid of the future?
Learn to live fully in the present and trust God for what is to come
An invitation to live differently
Offers steps to a changed mindset

Many of us spend our lives anticipating the next big event while at the same time either regretting or harking back to our past. But is this really what it means to ‘live’? The present is the one thing we have right now, but so often the past or future affect our enjoyment of it.

It was while leading a large event in London that church planter and coach Fernando de Paula was challenged by a friend to rejoice and be glad every day. Fernando says, ‘The event was quite expensive, and it involved around 50 churches working together and bringing more than 30 musicians, songwriters, singers and pastors from Brazil. Knowing my stress, another leader from Brazil would remind me every day of Psalm 118:24: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” After the event I was curious and wanted to learn more – I started to study in the Bible about how to “live” each day; and so the book was born.’

If Not Now, When? is a timely, inspirational and motivational book that encourages us to stop living in the past and to learn to live in the now, trusting our anxiety and future to God. It guides us in our first steps on the journey of how to rejoice and be glad daily and how to live every single moment of our lives knowing that God walks the road alongside us. The author challenges us to be fully present in each day, recognising that some days are tough, but valuing each one and changing our mindset to one that is grounded in the here and now.

Baptist minister and mindfulness researcher, Shaun Lambert, says, ‘I have been drawn in to Fernando’s story as I’ve read his book. It is personal but written in a way that we can identify with. I think he has identified a key theme for helping us experience life in all its fullness, and that is to live in the present moment.’

‘My goal,’ says Fernando, ‘is for each person to live the best of what God has for them now, not to live in the traumas – or even best moments – of the past, because God has new, excellent moments for them right now. Neither need we be worried nor anxious about the future, as the future is a mystery and God takes care of it, and actually has a plan for our future. For each one of us, He has a destiny.

‘He has plans for the days of beginning, the days of hardship, the days of glory, the days of delight – a plan for all our days – so we should rejoice and be glad in each one.’ If Not Now, When? teaches and empowers us to enjoy God in the present as we connect with Him in the everyday.

What reviewers say:
‘Full of the wisdom of Scripture and helpful biblical references. I particularly like his mediation on, “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” This is an inspiring book and I believe it will be a blessing to many people.’
Shaun Lambert, Baptist minister, psychotherapist and mindfulness researcher

‘I wish that I had pondered Fernando’s insights sooner. His words are a prophetic call in a techno-crazy, multi-tasking world to pause and re-examine who and where we are and encourage every one of us in how we can embrace living in the fullness of each moment, every day.’
Anne Calver, Baptist minister, author and speaker


If Not Now, When? by Fernando de Paula (ISBN: 9781909728998) is published by Instant Apostle and is available from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Non-fiction, 176pp, £8.99.

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  • If Not Now, When?

    Fernando de Paula

    Is your life dominated by the pressures of the past or the future? Then it’s time to begin a journey into living differently.
    This timely, inspirational and motivational book encourages us to stop living in the past, and learn to live ‘in the now’, trusting our anxiety and future to God.