NEW BOOK: The cause and character of the Kingdom entrepreneur

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‘Every founder, owner and manager in companies of any size or scale will find this book to be a vital asset’
Stephen K De Silva, CPA (retired), Author of Money and the Prosperous Soul

The coronavirus pandemic has ignited the UK’s strongest start-up boom in a decade, with a flood of new entrepreneurs.[1] But are there key lessons that might make all the difference to their success or failure? And for Christian business people and leaders, what does it mean to walk the entrepreneurial journey in partnership with God?

In his new book, Risk, Reward and Values, experienced entrepreneur and church leader, Nick Nicholson, shares key insights from more than thirty years of pioneering successful businesses with a global reach. From the practical to the spiritual, these are the things he wishes he had known when he set out, making the book an invaluable resource to all ‘kingdom entrepreneurs’ – pioneers who are passionately in love with Jesus and seeking to honour God and honour people in the business, not-for-profit or charity sectors.

Nick comments, ‘Entrepreneurship is often challenging, and it is no less so for the follower of Jesus. In this book I set out what I learned over many years’ experience of being determined to see the kingdom of God demonstrated through my entrepreneurship, in the hope that those on the same path can gain insight into both our purpose and our personal journeys as individuals and organisation leaders.’

In Nick’s experience, getting character right is fundamental to building truly flourishing organisations, rather than ones that simply make profit. For entrepreneurs, understanding their motivations and own behaviours, and what it means to be a son or daughter of a loving heavenly Father, is crucial to their companies positively influencing the people who work for them and the communities in which they operate.

As he examines the risks it is appropriate for entrepreneurs to take, the rewards they should seek and the values they aim to live by, Nick shows how these pioneering business people can display God’s love in tangible ways and dramatically improve the lives of countless people.



Risk, Reward and Values by Nick Nicholson (ISBN: 9781912726448) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 18th June 2021 from bookshops and online retailers. Business / Christian Life and Practice, paperback, 176pp, £9.99.


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    Becoming a follower of Jesus just before he went to University, Nick worked for 12 years in research and consultancy...

  • Risk, Reward and Values

    Nick Nicholson

    The kingdom entrepreneur is passionately in love with Jesus and seeks to live by heaven’s values. Whether leading in business, the not-for-profit or charity sector, their priority is to honour God and honour people...