Risk, Reward and Values

“The cause and character of the kingdom entrepreneur”

Nick Nicholson

ISBN: 9781912726448

176 Pages

Published Jun 2021

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £9.99 Kindle £5.99
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The kingdom entrepreneur is passionately in love with Jesus and seeks to live by heaven’s values. Whether leading in business, the not-for-profit or charity sector, their priority is to honour God and honour people.

With more than thirty years’ entrepreneurial experience, Nick Nicholson is well placed to share on the practical and personal challenges kingdom pioneers face, not only in hard times but also in times of success. Exploring potential pitfalls and the importance of knowing ourselves to be children of God, he shows how we can partner with our Father to build flourishing organisations and influence the world around us.

In the risks we take, the rewards we seek and the values we work by, we can display God’s love in tangible and meaningful ways, knowing that while we may be the CEO, God is the Chair of the Board!

  • Nick shares from a long and fruitful career in the highest levels of professional consulting. As a person of faith, his perspective and conclusions in this book are rare and invaluable. Essential reading for every kingdom entrepreneur.

    Risk, Reward and Values draws from history, experience and timeless truth to remind you of the point and purpose for your business. Every founder, owner and manager in companies of any size or scale will find this book to be a vital asset in the years to come.

    Stephen K De Silva, CPA (retired), Author of Money and the Prosperous Soul
  • In these conflicted times, where there is a void of values and virtues, arises a need for true entrepreneurs who reflect the values and culture of the kingdom of God. Nick Nicholson has penned the book for these new times of resilience in which he has captured with brush strokes of wisdom and years of experience the attributes associated with the character of a true kingdom entrepreneur. Risk, Reward and Values is a challenging invitation to dare to impact communities and nations through a renewed mind and a godly character. Enjoy!

    Humberto Martuscelli, Senior Pastor at El Almendro Church, and CEO of CCA Community Business Center, Mexico City
  • Over many years Nick Nicholson has successfully led both an international company and a church, alongside being a husband of one and father of three. Nick is always open to learning, and the challenges, joys, ups and downs that he has experienced have developed in him an ability to guide and advise others with the ambition to become kingdom entrepreneurs.

    Written in the style of autobiographical storytelling, the book distills and communicates Nick’s experience of entrepreneurial leadership linking with his understanding of where God resides in that process.

    Each chapter covers his experience of the nuts and bolts of building and sustaining an organisation that advances the kingdom of God. At the end of each we are then invited to Pause for reflection, Pray to ask what area of the subject God wants to minister to us and then put our learning into Practice.

    Nick has personally helped me to understand what it takes to build an organisation with kingdom values, and I admit I was one of the many people advising him to write about his expertise and wisdom to help others. This book succeeds in doing that and I thoroughly recommend it.

    Dr Clive Colledge PhD FRSA, Academic and TEDx speaker
  • I have known Nick for a number of years and have seen first-hand the high level of integrity and wisdom in everything he does; it has been inspirational for me. Risk, Reward and Values further highlights how ordinary people like you and I (and Nick) can successfully navigate life and its challenges when our foundational principles are firm and rooted in truth. This benefits not only us and our enterprises (be they business or otherwise) but also the people around us, thereby creating an upward spiral of value and shared success.

    Jonathan Canning, International Legal Director

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