Nick Nicholson

Becoming a follower of Jesus just before he went to University, Nick worked for 12 years in research and consultancy before he and his wife were called to join a growing church plant in Northampton. Unable to find work in a commutable distance he took the plunge and went self-employed with a month’s salary as capital, a mortgage and a growing family! The business grew to two limited companies, three UK offices and clients in the UK, Europe, the Middle and Far East. Having been Managing Director for 25 years, Nick recently stepped down from his role and returned to self-employment before retiring in 2020 to focus on other ministry roles.

While the businesses were growing, he became elder and director of the church with a growing teaching and preaching profile. With many of these responsibilities now passed on to others, Nick is Deputy Director UK and Europe for Financial Sozo and is a Core Team Member of Stephen De Silva’s ministry based in California. He also mentors, equips and coaches entrepreneurs and church leaders. He is co-authoring a manual on kingdom finances, due for publication in 2021.

For many years he has been committed to seeing disciples live in the reality of the life that Jesus provides and demonstrating the fulness of the kingdom of God in every sphere in which we operate.

Married for more than 40 years, he and his wife are blessed with three grown up children passionately following Jesus, and two grandchildren. He enjoys travel, music, reading, engaging discussion and relaxing with family and friends with a good coffee or glass of wine!

Books by Nick Nicholson

  • Risk, Reward and Values

    Nick Nicholson

    The kingdom entrepreneur is passionately in love with Jesus and seeks to live by heaven’s values. Whether leading in business, the not-for-profit or charity sector, their priority is to honour God and honour people...

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