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‘Rich in Scripture, practical and challenging, this book will have a profound impact on your life.’
Gavin Calver, CEO, Evangelical Alliance

Apparently, fifty-four is the age at which we lose our passion for life.[1] But does this have to be the case? And where might we look for inspiration, whatever our age? In Wholehearted, Duncan Clark thinks he has an answer!

Based on the life of the Old Testament hero Caleb, Wholehearted challenges and inspires us to reject half-hearted living and live with passion for the whole of our lives. Caleb was still as zealous for the Lord as a community elder in his eighties as he had been as a young refugee escaping Egypt. The key to his devotion to God and its enduring nature was the condition of his heart – he held nothing back and so had nothing left to fear!

This wholehearted approach to living life for the Lord manifested itself in radical focus, patient faith, willingness to maintain convictions, determination to stand out, a disciplined thought-life and attentiveness to the state of his heart – all areas that are explored in Duncan’s compelling book.

If we are to live lives that are fully devoted to Jesus, then, like Caleb, we will need to be transformed from the inside out. Our inner world – what happens in our heart – always spills over into our outer world, as our intentional and unintentional habits shape our characters and ultimately our lives. As it tracks Caleb’s journey, Wholehearted offers practical ‘Habits for the heart’ that, when mixed into our own daily rhythms of life, will change us, and make the book ideal to read as part of a discipleship group.

‘I wrote Wholehearted as an invitation to anyone who wants to know God deeply and serve Him fully, from a heart that’s been shaped by His presence,’ says Duncan. ‘So often we place greatest value on the things that everyone sees: our talents, skills, gifts and intellect. God does the opposite. He looks at our hearts because it’s from there that we live and lead.’

The pandemic has caused many of us to question what we are living for and what truly matters in life. Wholehearted speaks into these concerns with challenge and hope, offering a passion that is truly worth giving your whole life for!

‘This timely and engaging book has designs on us. It is literally after our hearts.’
Chris Cartwright, General Superintendent, Elim


Wholehearted by Duncan Clark (ISBN: 9781912726462) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 22nd July 2021 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life and Mission, paperback, 160pp, £9.99.



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