NEW BOOK: What does it take to be a Christian writer?

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‘The Association of Christian Writers has given [me] and many, many others a great deal.’
Adrian Plass, ACW president and author

With all the changes the past eighteen months have brought, many people have found themselves wondering if it is time for them to finally write that book they have always wanted to. But what does it take to be a writer?

For the past fifty years, the Association of Christian Writers (ACW) has been providing unstinting, creative support for Christian writers across the UK and beyond. To mark its Jubilee, Write Well celebrates all that has been achieved and brings together in one incredible resource everything you could ever want to know about the craft, trade and experience of Christian writing.

Fifty different ACW members have each written one of the fifty chapters, including ACW president Adrian Plass and long-time publishing industry expert Tony Collins. The first ten chapters celebrate the founding and development of ACW itself, before the book moves on to the craft and experience of writing. Twenty chapters from members working across the publishing trade explore everything from advice on getting a contract to the nitty-gritty of writing different genres, and twenty more record the experiences of different authors, with all the trials and joys of writing as a Christian.

With a quarterly magazine, dozens of local writers’ groups, regular competitions and events, both virtual and in-person, ACW provides a rich range of resources and input for every budding writer. We all need the encouragement, companionship and comments of others to keep writing, and writing well. As chair Fiona Lloyd says in her contribution to the book, ‘The strapline for ACW is “Encourage, Equip, Inspire”, and … these concepts underpin all we do as an organisation.’

Write Well was compiled by Amy Scott Robinson, editor of the ACW magazine Christian Writer, and edited by Amy and three colleagues. The ACW comments, ‘Over fifty years the Association has grown to more than 800 members. As we begin our Jubilee celebrations, coming out of a season when we’ve all had to become “online” learners or teachers (or both), the committee is filled with joy and excitement to be meeting members in person for “Nuggets of Gold” on Saturday 09th October, an event that will include our AGM and the launch of Write Well. What a blessing to have so much to celebrate – may every word written bring glory to God.’

A key theme in Write Well is the crucial role played by ACW writing groups for authors new and old, and this essential handbook welcomes you into their company. In short, if you are wondering what it takes to be a Christian writer, then this book will give you the support, and ACW the encouragement, you need to ‘write [very] well’!

‘If you sense a yearning or a calling to write, then it all starts here’
James Catford, Patron of ACW, chair of the SPCK Group


Write Well edited by Amy Scott Robinson, Jane Brocklehurst, Jane Walters and Rosemary Johnson (ISBN: 9781912726455) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 9th October 2021 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life and Mission, paperback, 288pp, £9.99.


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