New Book

NEW BOOK! Relationships? Who needs them?

Asks, ‘Who am I? What is my purpose?’
Raises relational and identity issues
A timely book for leaders and thinkers
Debates our uniqueness and significance
Points to something greater than ourselves Read More »

NEW BOOK! African Pearl

The story of an epidemic
From New York’s Bronx to a Ugandan village
An Irish-Nigerian returns to Africa
Addresses singleness, identity, sacrifice and calling
Fast-paced and engaging Read More »

NEW BOOK! When plague threatens, where is faith?

What might happen if modern medicine fails?
Effects of devastating disease on society
Its impact on Christian art
The power of faith, art and healing
Hope and strength in adversity
Vividly illustrates medieval life, faith and disease Read More »

NEW BOOK! Finding a theology of suffering

A journey through extreme pain
Faith tested to the limits
For people in seemingly hopeless situations and their carers
Trusting God in adversity
Grapples with age-old problem of suffering
Authentic inspiration and comfort Read More »

NEW BOOK! Culture-clash ends in faith

A second-generation immigrant’s life transformed
Highlights identity questions facing second-generation kids
Shows emptiness of self-indulgence
How to find true satisfaction
An invitation to embrace God’s love and walk in intimacy with Him Read More »

NEW BOOK! Thriving after abuse

Are victims of childhood abuse damaged beyond cure?
How can they not just survive but thrive?
Written by a survivor
De-mystifies challenging behaviours
Educates and enlightens on the effects of trauma
Provides tools to help Read More »