NEW BOOK: Polished Arrows

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Becoming an arrow that flies fast and true

‘There’s no higher calling than becoming one of God’s “polished arrows” – ready, willing and obedient to His call. Jenny unpacks the process of how God makes His arrows ready. Will you be one of them?’
Simon Guillebaud, evangelist, author, speaker, founder of Great Lakes Outreach, Burundi

What does it take to become a ready arrow in God’s hands? An arrow that the Lord can trust to fly straight and true for His purpose and mission? In a world beset by so many distractions, we urgently need to know. In this original, creative and richly researched book, international author and speaker, Jenny Sanders, tells us.

In Isaiah 49:2, God’s servant writes: ‘He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.’ The traditional arrow-making process requires great skill and artistry, as the most elegant weapons are crafted from the rawest of materials. Expertly walking us through this process, from the cutting of the appropriate tree to the fletching and tipping of the finished arrow, Jenny astutely applies each step to our walk with God, showing how He deftly works in our lives to shape us for His kingdom purposes.

With reflective questions, deep biblical insights and real-world examples, Polished Arrows helps us respond well to these sometimes painful refinements, encouraging us that they are essential to us hitting our marks and fulfilling our callings. By trusting ourselves to the loving hands of our Master Craftsman and Archer, we will soon be ready for firing effectively into our culture and contexts.

On writing the book, Jenny comments, ‘I’ve been at the coal face of discipling others and have been following Jesus myself for more than fifty years. I see God’s grace, kindness and patience daily in making me more like Jesus (a monumental task), and am well aware that it’s not a comfortable journey. It’s an intricate  shaping process akin to making those arrows.  We need the oil of the Holy Spirit to stop us drying out and cracking up!

‘Wherever we are in God’s process – and there are seasons when we may feel forgotten and useless in the darkness of His quiver – I believe that His face is towards us, His heart is for us and that His timing is perfect.  We are in good hands, and while He hasn’t finished with any of us yet, we can make ourselves available for His purposes and His pleasure.’

Wherever you are in the arrow-making process, will you keep trusting yourself into God’s hands? As well-known evangelist and speaker Simon Guillebaud says in his endorsement: ‘There’s no higher calling than becoming one of God’s “polished arrows” – ready, willing and obedient to His call. Will you be one of them?’

‘A rich resource for those who have walked with God for many years. I particularly loved how no subject was off limits – such as suffering and how it is a vital part of the process. This is a fantastic resource!’
Claire Musters, author, speaker, editor and host of the Woman Alive Book Club


Polished Arrows by Jenny Sanders (ISBN: 9781912726783) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 17th May 2024 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life, paperback, 304pp, £12.99.


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  • Polished Arrows

    Jenny Sanders

    ‘He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver’ (Isaiah 49:2)
    Traditional arrow-making is a beautiful metaphor for how God works in our lives. Requiring great skill and artistry, elegant weapons are crafted from the rawest materials. Expertly guiding us through...