NEW NOVEL: Vision of Light

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Hauntingly atmospheric thriller with a supernatural twist!

‘A dazzling feat of Christian fiction which keeps the reader intrigued throughout.’
Multi-award-winning author and podcaster Wendy H Jones

Haunted by a troubled past, divorced and in debt, Noel Reilly is already on the edge. But when his pregnant ex-partner is murdered and police view him as a suspect, he contemplates taking his life – before a mystical riverside encounter offers a glimmer of hope.

So begins Vision of Light, the strikingly atmospheric thriller from novelist Gillian Poucher. Challenging stereotypes, it skilfully handles questions of faith and celebrates the unique perspectives of a diverse array of female characters. Taking a cue from Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club series, it also celebrates the advantages age and life experience can bring, countering the ageism that is all too common in so many areas of life.

Following his vision, Noel is left doubting his mental state, but he can’t deny the strange events that begin to unfold. However, he is left bewildered when an elderly neighbour with dementia recognises the visionary figure he saw. Delving deeper into the mystery, Noel discovers their town’s sinisterly troubled past, and the pivotal role he has to play in combatting evil forces overshadowing it. If lives are to be saved, and a deranged killer is to be stopped, he will need help from unexpected friends and the light of a newfound faith to guide him and the community through the enveloping darkness.

‘In Vision of Light, I wanted to write a Christian fiction novel highlighting the reality of spiritual warfare,’ comments Gillian. ‘It seems to me that many churches are silent about the spiritual battle that continues to influence society and the lives of ordinary people. I hope to remind Christians of the spiritual dimension, and to provoke non-Christians to consider, “What if there is something more influencing human behaviour than genes, environment, social structures, etc.?”

‘And it would be wonderful if readers find hope in Noel’s story, as his despair is transformed into renewed purpose by God and new friends, particularly Sonia, an older widow who could so easily be overlooked but has great wisdom and insight.’

Highlighting the power of the human spirit and friendships transcending age and convention, Gillian’s compelling and life-affirming thriller is a suspense- and faith-filled encouragement to see you through the autumnal nights!

‘Walking in the footsteps of such giants as Lewis and Peretti … Vivid descriptions. Masterful characterisations. Harrowingly believable. Warmly encouraging.’
Ben Mears, author of the Banyard & Mingle Mysteries


Vision of Light by Gillian Poucher (ISBN: 9781912726738) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 15th September 2023 from bookshops and online retailers. Fiction, paperback, 272pp, £11.99.


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  • Vision of Light

    Gillian Poucher

    Estranged from his family, divorced and in debt, Noel Reilly has nowhere to turn. When his pregnant ex-partner is murdered and he is viewed as a suspect by local police, he contemplates taking his life – before a mystical riverside encounter offers a glimmer of hope...