New Book

NEW BOOK: A wife confronts the ‘giant’ of dementia

There are currently 700,000 people caring for family members with dementia in the UK, yet how many us know what life is truly like for these devoted companions?* Often their life and their identity, just like their loved one with the condition, is dominated by the disease. So how do they keep looking forward and put the ‘giant’ that dementia can seem to be, behind their back?

When Carolyn Donnelly’s husband was diagnosed with mixed dementia… Read More »

NEW BOOK: What can we learn from Mrs Noah?

Did you know that half the people on Noah’s ark were women? But what do we know about them and what can we learn from the uncertainty, change and new beginnings they must have been confronted by, all issues that echo for us today?

In her inspiring, honest and compelling book… Read More »

NEW NOVEL: ‘impossible to read without encountering hope’

‘I consider it to be one of the greats.’ (Wendy H Jones, Author and International Public Speaker)

There is a famous quote from Dostoevsky, that ‘to live without hope is to cease to live’. Many of us can relate to this after the winter lockdown, and it is something the protagonist in Joy Margetts’ tender historical novel has to confront and overcome.

Driven to despair by heart-breaking betrayal, thirteenth-century nobleman Philip de Braose has lost faith in God and humanity… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Jane Austen meets the lifestyle blogger!

Instagram influencers and lifestyle bloggers were in the news recently for all the wrong reasons when many sought to escape the UK lockdown by heading to Dubai for ‘work’. Presenting a minutely manicured perfection, they sell us a dream that surely even their reality can never truly live up to. This is the gap that new author Ruth Leigh explores to hilarious and poignant effect in The Diary of Isabella M. Smugge… Read More »

NEW BOOK! Teenage faith and refugees

Should you keep a secret?
Can you tell a lie?
Can good intentions lead to wrong actions?
Gangs and bullies
How can young teens live for Jesus?
Evocative settings in Cairo and Edinburgh Read More »

NEW BOOK! Lessons in listening to God

Moving, life-changing material for 8–11-year-olds
Looking for treasure in people
Learning to listen to God
Applying truth to daily life
Also appeals to adults
Links to main character’s daily lockdown blog Read More »

NEW BOOK! Stories from Street Pastors

Proving the Church is relevant today
Inspiring stories of people helped and lives saved
Seeing God at work
Making a difference in schools and on railways
Informative and uplifting
Includes responses after terrorist incidents Read More »

NEW BOOK! Post-apocalyptic detective thriller

Set in a quasi-Victorian post-apocalyptic world
A fascinating mystery to solve
Reminiscent of Dickensian London
Rich in detail and contemporary themes
Standalone novel
Second in the Banyard and Mingle mystery series Read More »