NEW BOOK: The Now Generation

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Empowering Gen Z to lead today!

‘An accessible and rich resource for young people in particular to reach their full potential.’
Carolyn Skinner, CEO Third Space Ministries

Plagued by mental health pressures and fears about the future, Gen Z – those born since 1997 – appear to be a generation in crisis. According to global management consultants, McKinsey & Company, they have the least positive outlook on life and poorest levels of emotional and social wellbeing. So how can they be expected to lead and have influence today?

In The Now Generation, south London youth worker Andy Monks has an answer! A dynamic, fast-paced and challenging book, it shares how he was empowered to step into leadership from a young age. Whether in school, church or professional settings, he was given the opportunity and tools to take responsibility for his own life and the role he had in the lives of others.

Combining relatable stories from his own journey with practical tips and scriptural insights, Andy shows how teens and students can learn to lead in their own unique ways, and go on to inspire others to fulfil their potential. By giving them the courage to believe in themselves and helping them to see the incremental changes they can make, The Now Generation empowers Gen Z to find the passion and purpose to overcome the tsunami of pressures they face and make a difference in their and all our worlds today.

‘I wrote this book to change the narrative,’ says Andy. ‘It has ever been the story that young people are the next generation, which implies they cannot lead today and must wait for the future. However, The Now Generation helps to highlight how young people are gifted, have value, and can play their part in influencing the world – not just tomorrow, but today. My dream is to see them take their place in leadership and influence now.’

With short and concise chapters, The Now Generation is accessible and easy to read. Whether in school, at university, or starting out in the workplace, it is the encouragement young people need to be an influence for Christ today. Now is their time!

‘Captures the urgency, wisdom and inspiration required to unleash not the Church of tomorrow, but the Church of today.’
Phil Knox, Evangelical Alliance and author of Story Bearer


The Now Generation by Andy Monks (ISBN: 9781912726660) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 17th February 2023 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life, paperback, 208pp, £10.99.


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  • The Now Generation

    Andy Monks

    Young people are often called the ‘next’ generation – but what if they are the NOW generation, called to lead not just tomorrow, but also today?

    In this dynamic, fast-paced and inspirational book, Andy shares how he was empowered to step into leadership from a young age, and how you can be too...