NEW BOOK: The Sound of Musings

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One of Hugh Grant’s Favourite Things

‘A brilliantly creative way to explore [The Sound of Music’s] vital themes, Bryony’s writing is heartwarming, winsome and encouraging. Buy the book and enjoy a delightful journey.’
Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster

Hugh Grant recently revealed that his favourite movie of all time is… The Sound of Music! Apparently this is a cause of some embarrassment to his wife, but it seems he is far from being alone – the iconic movie also topped a 2023 Mother’s Day poll as the ‘most-loved film’. So what makes The Sound of Music so special?

Rev Bryony Wood, who grew up loving the film, believes the profound Christian themes should not be overlooked. In her lively and insightful new devotional book, The Sound of Musings, she draws out the crucial role that Maria’s faith plays as she deftly traces her journey from flibbertigibbet nun to mother and wife.

Prompted by the story, songs and other characters of the film, each short chapter looks at different aspects of life, love and faith and what they mean for us. Biblically rooted, The Sound of Musings helps us discover more about God’s love and purposes and, in keeping with the spirit of the movie, is also a lot of fun!

Finding faith in The Sound of Music

Bryony comments, ‘This all started after a special holiday in Salzburg when I realised I was definitely not alone in loving this iconic film. As a vicar and evangelist, I wanted to write something accessible, enjoyable and encouraging, something that would appeal to those on the fringes of Church as well as those sitting in the pews each week. Watching the film afresh – with pen in one hand and remote control in the other – I realised how full it is with insights into God’s love.’

To accompany the fifty-two reflections that make up the book, Bryony has written a six-week study guide that will shortly be available on her website. And ever the evangelist, she is also developing ‘Sound of Musings Live!’, an event designed to help churches share faith in their communities in an original and accessible way.

Over the years, Bryony Wood has worked as a professional radio presenter and magazine writer, and is now an ordained Anglican priest. This eclectic combination leaves her unusually well placed to discern and effectively communicate the film’s life-giving Christian themes, and apply them to our own lives. For anyone who loves the movie, whether a Christian or not, The Sound of Musings is a book to help them see the film, and their own lives, in new ways.

So, as Maria would say, let’s start at the very… (you know where!)

‘Bryony writes with humour and warmth as well as insight. You’ll never be able to watch singing nuns in quite the same way.’
Rev Canon Kate Bottley, broadcaster and Anglican priest


The Sound of Musings by Bryony Wood (ISBN: 9781912726714) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 19th May 2023 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life, paperback, 240pp, £10.99.


  • Bryony Wood

    Once upon a time, Bryony wanted to be a nun and run across the hills wearing a dress made of old curtains. Then she grew up and sold Tupperware and books, organised Arts events, produced and presented Christian Radio programmes, wrote lots of different things for different magazines...

  • The Sound of Musings

    Bryony Wood

    The Sound of Musings deftly traces Maria von Trapp’s journey through the iconic film, The Sound of Music. Inviting us to dance from scene to scene with the captivating and much-loved, ‘flibbertigibbet’ nun-turned-governess, Bryony Wood draws out profound and accessible insights to encourage us in our own journeys of faith…