The Sound of Musings

Bryony Wood

ISBN: 9781912726714

240 Pages

Published May 2023

Christian Life

Paperback £10.99
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The Sound of Musings deftly traces Maria von Trapp’s journey through the iconic film, The Sound of Music. Inviting us to dance from scene to scene with the captivating and much-loved, ‘flibbertigibbet’ nun-turned-governess, Bryony Wood draws out profound and accessible insights to encourage us in our own journeys of faith.

Prompted by the story, songs and characters of the film, each short chapter looks at different aspects of life, love and faith, helping us discover more about God’s love and purposes for all of us. Inspiring, authentic and biblically rooted, The Sound of Musings is also a lot of fun!

So, as Maria would say, let’s start at the very… (you know where!)

  • A brilliantly creative way to explore vital themes that emerge from a classic film, Bryony’s writing is heartwarming, winsome and encouraging. Buy the book and enjoy a delightful journey.

    Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster
  • Bryony writes with humour and warmth as well as insight. You’ll never be able to watch singing nuns in quite the same way.

    Rev Canon Kate Bottley, broadcaster and Anglican priest
  • Bryony's inspiring work on this much-loved musical draws out beautiful insights into the many and varied themes contained in the von Trapp story. Anyone viewing the film after reading this book will find they won't just be watching a movie, but will be embarking on an adventure with God!

    Rev Canon Michael Mitton, writer, spiritual director, speaker
  • I have many happy memories of watching The Sound of Music with my children – it became the soundtrack to several family holidays. So I encouraged Bryony to write her own 'musings' as a fun way of helping others reflect on life, faith and their 'favourite things'. Bryony has a beautiful style of writing which will help anyone find God in the ordinary.

    Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester; Chair of the Archbishops’ Council for Evangelists
  • In this joy-filled book, Bryony takes a familiar musical film and shows us how it speaks of God. Storylines and songs alike become windows to a deeper dimension, carefully crafted and beautifully written. A book to inspire and uplift; read it for yourself and buy it as a gift for someone special.

    Tony Horsfall, author and retreat leader
  • Hooray! A devotional book which has as much fun and joy as it does depth. This is wonderfully inventive writing, a celebration of creativity and a rare affirmation of media and the arts. I dare you to read it and not want to climb trees while dressed in curtains.

    Frances Finn, broadcaster and Church of England priest
  • Bryony writes in such a lovely and inspirational style to share gospel truths in a fun but thought-provoking way. An enjoyable read, this book of 'musings' is easy to dip in and out of as each short chapter draws you into a scene, then leaves you pondering…

    Judith Mayho, Registered Nurse and part of the leadership team at Tunbridge Wells Christian Centre
  • Bryony takes a unique approach to a film that means such a lot to so many people. Through sensitive engagement with the depth and detail of the story, Bryony draws out many parallels to the Christian life today, covering a wide range of topics such as conflict, play and care for the environment. Helpful, gentle questions and a prayer are set out at the end of each section to encourage thoughtful engagement with the story, often with practical exercises to aid reflection. This is a lovely book for anyone who has fond memories of the film, or even those coming to it for the first time.

    Rev Dr Jenny Corcoran, Tutor for Lay Education, Practical Theology and Old Testament, St Augustine’s College of Theology

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