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Fun theology

‘Fun to read and biblically based. Good for those with faith or for those interested in learning about it. Especially if they like The Sound of Music!’ Read More »

The Sound of Musings – Bryony Wood

‘A creative, light-hearted and well-crafted devotional. For those who emotionally connect well to the film, it is an easy and fun read with profound truths that apply to us all’ Read More »

Must-read for all fans

‘Well-balanced and filled with hope and encouragement. I recommend The Sound of Musings to anyone who loves the musical. It might present an opportunity to introduce Jesus to a friend in a non-threatening way’ Read More »

Sound of Musings

‘Really enjoyed this book really enjoyed meeting you would recommend everyone reading this book, Amanda xxx’ Read More »

BBC Radio Leicester Interview

Bryony shares all about The Sound of Musings with Rupal Rajani, who got wonderfully excited about the book, after one of the ‘musings’ and a ‘Favorite’ song, left her with a big smile! Read More »

NEW BOOK: The Sound of Musings

One of Hugh Grant’s Favourite Things

‘A brilliantly creative way to explore vital themes, Bryony’s writing is heartwarming, winsome and encouraging. Buy the book and enjoy a delightful journey.’
Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster

Hugh Grant recently revealed that his favourite movie of all time is… The Sound of Music! Apparently this is a cause of some embarrassment to his wife, but it seems he is far from being alone… Read More »