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Art awards book opens a window on the gospel

‘In media circles, art seems to have become synonymous with money and status. It’s good to be reminded that it has other meanings too.’
Clive Davis, awards judge 2021, The Times

The Chaiya Art Awards, the UK’s foremost art awards illuminating spirituality, is bigger and better than ever this year. With a first prize of £10,000, this is the third time the biennial competition has been held, and more than 100 artists’ works were displayed in a unique exhibition on London’s South Bank in early April. The 2023 theme was ‘awe and wonder’, and this stunning, standalone hardback book reflects the exhibition and showcases the artists’ contributions.

With a vibrant spiritual emphasis, the Chaiya Art Awards has always gathered submissions from those of all faith backgrounds and none. However, the awards charity is rooted in a Christian ethos, and Ann Clifford’s beautiful and thought-provoking essays and reflections gently whisper to the reader of the awe and wonder that are to be found in the gospel.

Many people today struggle to know how to engage with anything that is ‘spiritual’. Indeed, judge Clive Davis of The Times commented of his involvement: ‘Part of the fun of discussing the entries with my fellow panellists was discovering how different our notions of the word “spiritual” were.’ Opening conversations regarding these questions with humility and confidence, God’s voice is heard in Awe+Wonder through the art and Ann’s insightful, poetic and creative writing on the theme.

Founder Katrina Moss comments, ‘We know that art helps us to gain a fresh perspective in times of crisis and conflict, but can also be genuinely transformative, taking the artist and the viewer on journeys of discovery. Expanding the exhibition this year has brought more challenges and required deeper levels of faith, but we are excited about what God is doing through the Chaiya Art Awards, as creativity reflects a core part of God’s nature.’

Engage with the artists as they respond to the awards’ theme, and immerse yourself in their collected, multifaceted spirituality. With Ann as your reliable guide, Awe+Wonder not only makes the brilliant art accessible, but also creatively points all art-lovers, Christian and non-Christian, towards Christ and the gospel.

‘If you are seeking hidden treasure, seek and you will find.’
The Revd Jonathan Evens, awards judge 2021, The Church Times


Awe+Wonder by Ann Clifford (ISBN: 9781912726707) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 21st April 2023 from bookshops and online retailers. Nonfiction, hardback, 134pp, £20.


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