NEW BOOK: Talking with God

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Rediscover God’s voice in Lent and beyond

‘Will deepen your faith and prayer life. A great resource for those who truly seek a deeper relationship with God through Scripture.’
Father Peter Williams OSB, Worth Abbey

Lent begins on Wednesday, 22nd February. Traditionally a chance to step back and reflect on our faith and relationship with God, what if this year Lent was able to transform not just the next forty days but the rest of our lives? Offering the chance to hear God’s voice in new ways, Talking with God might just be the guide many of us need.

Author Nigel Thonger has been involved with Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre for almost thirty years. During this long association, he has been privileged to witness countless people move into a closer relationship with God. Relying on the Holy Spirit as their guide, people hear God’s voice in new and creative ways that deepen their walk with the Lord and change their lives. Talking with God is the gentle distillation of some of the profound wisdom and insights the Spirit has revealed during this rich ministry.

Across thirty concise chapters, we are led through different stages of intimacy with God, being drawn ever closer into His heart as we learn to hear His voice and allow Him to change and heal us. Each chapter has a guided prayer and Scripture-based meditation, tools that enable us to put into practice the message and promises of God, and empower us to talk with God and hear His replies.

Nigel comments, ‘I wrote the book for believers who desire a deeper relationship with God, and for those tired and wounded by life, who are seeking refreshment and a higher purpose. We are children of a mighty God who loves each one of us deeply and offers an eternal future in His presence – and He has stated He is eager to talk with every one of us, right now.

‘So Talking with God provides a format for people to do just that. With Scripture-based tutorials on listening to God and imagining our conversation, even those with little or no experience of this type of prayer can, with perseverance and the help of the Holy Spirit, talk with Him and enjoy a closer relationship.

‘Having ministered at the Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre, and seen Jesus at work in so many people’s lives, refreshing, healing and transforming their pasts and futures, I want to share the good news with others seeking Him. I pray readers will know the power of the Holy Spirit as He transforms their lives.’

Lent may be forty days, but with thirty vibrant chapters, Talking with God is a book with the power to change our lives both in this season and throughout the rest of the year.

‘Will help many enter into relationship with our compassionate and life-giving Creator.’
Gina, Community of Saint Francis


Talking With God by Nigel Thonger (ISBN: 9781912726677) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 17th February 2023 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life, paperback, 208pp, £10.99.


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