NEW BOOK: Dying to Get There

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‘Scripture-based, and thoroughly enjoyable.’
Mark Middleton, Executive Director, Equip Canada

With the start of a new year, many of us will be have been reflecting on the coming twelve months. How can we make most of 2022? How can we break old habits and create new ones? How can we deal with the difficulties we face? But for how many of us will the prospect of heaven been a factor?

Reading Paul’s epistles, it is clear that the prospect of heaven impacted how he lived his life every day, and was a key encouragement for the early Christians as they transformed the world around them. Yet for many modern Christians, heaven does not often feature – certainly it is not something we actively look forward to. Perhaps we even secretly worry that somehow life there will not be as good as life can be here! But in his compelling new book, Dying to Get There, pastor Michael Williams shares a captivating vision of the world to come that can transform our lives here today.

Rooted in Scripture, this lively and insightful book sensitively helps us discover the hope and priceless inheritance that awaits us. As Michael helps us grasp what God has in store for us – a new creation, a new body, a new purpose – our mental and spiritual health are transformed. We discover a new purpose, not just for this year, but for every one to come, and a joy that gives confidence and hope to overcomes every trial we face.

Michael comments, ‘I wrote Dying To Get There because most believers I know would rather stay here than go there! The apostle Paul had an enthusiasm about our eternal hope which might be a missing piece in our generation. God is not silent on the idea of heaven – He’s let us in on some priceless realities awaiting us. When we truly discover them, a confident expectation replaces doubtfulness.

‘I also wrote it because many of us live with anxiety and grief, struggling to see the future positively. But if we can see life and death through the same lens that Peter, Paul, and Jesus saw them, we will discover dynamic truth and hope to transforms our now.’

Full of stories and easy to read, Dying to Get There will help bring heaven to life in a way that changes the way you live today.

‘Gently helps us navigate the less-talked-about subject of the afterlife and cleverly helps us think about how that affects us today.’
Simon Jarvis, Senior Leader of the One Church Network


Dying to Get There by Michael Williams (ISBN: 9781912726547) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 21st January 2022 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life, paperback, 144pp, £8.99.


  • Michael Williams

    Michael is married to Dani, and they have a son, Jackson.

  • Dying to Get There

    Michael Williams

    Heaven. Do you look forward to it? Or do you secretly worry that somehow life there might not be quite as good as life here?

    It was not this way for the early Church, and it need not be for us. If we understand the meaning of Jesus’ physical resurrection...