NEW BOOK: ‘Hygge’ for the heartbroken

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‘Full of practical wisdom, authentic compassion and accessible theology.’
Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

Danish winters can be long and dark – and yet the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. Their winter practice of ‘hygge’ – something akin to ‘cosiness’ – is a key reason for this, transforming the bleakest season into one of connection and warmth.

In her stunning new book, Walking through Winter, Katherine Gantlett shows us how we too can learn to survive, and even thrive, in our own winter seasons. Sharing from her personal experience of multiple miscarriages and the death of a newborn, she delves into Scripture and the works of great theologians to search out golden truths that provide comfort, perspective and advice to those facing losses of all kinds. She then looks at how we can create a rule of life for winter (‘hygge for the heartbroken’), which will enable us not just to endure, but also to experience God’s loving presence in the midst of the bleakest of our own winters.

Katherine comments, ‘My desire was to write a book that, while autobiographical, looks a little more deeply at the theological issues surrounding loss. For this reason, as well as telling my own story, I have woven into it teaching from a significant number of theologians.

‘I also wanted to focus on one of the particular gifts of my winter season, the discovery of the contemplative stream of Christian spirituality. So I unpack how this expression of the Christian faith, when combined with the evangelical and charismatic faith I had been raised with, enabled me to meet with God in the midst of all our losses and as a result find the strength and hope to walk through our winter season.’

With Walking through Winter as a guide, we can all hope to ‘brave the elements’ and walk through winter’s loss into our God-given identities and find ourselves wiser, stronger and more compassionate for the experience.

As Matt Lynch, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Regent College, Vancouver, says in the foreword, Katherine’s ‘sights are on the development of a mature faith that knows how to meet God in all seasons, because we – and those we love – will go through them again. It’s winter, but signs of spring are there.’

‘Comfort and wisdom for all who are facing their own winter and those who travel with them.’
Paul Harcourt, National Leader, New Wine England


Walking through Winter by Katherine Gantlett (ISBN: 9781912726417) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 23rd April 2021 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Ministry, paperback, 288pp, £9.99.


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