Simply Eat Friday! Feasts of friendship and faith

In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Andrew Smith of The Feast Project tells how eating together helps youth from different religious communities talk about faith, build friendships and change lives  – and he shares guidelines we all can follow to do the same!   As someone who has always enjoyed a good meal with friends … Read more …

Sample Chapter! No Longer Strangers?

Chapter One
Unknown Destination
Every person has those moments in their life that are unforgettable. Some moments are good and some are bad. These moments become a part of our memories. No matter how hard we try… Read More »

AUTHOR BLOG: Imagining the autistic person’s world

1 – 7 April 2019 is National Autism Awareness Week, a nationwide effort to promote awareness, acceptance and appreciation of everyone on the autistic spectrum, helping them achieve the highest possible quality of life. According to the National Autistic Society, there are more than 700,000 people in the UK on the autistic spectrum. At one … Read more …

Sample Chapter! The Runaway

chapter one 

Tiago Costa’s mouth was beginning to go dry, his heartbeat was racing and his hands shaking as the clock on the wall showed 3.20pm. Already his mind had switched off from the French lesson which Mademoiselle Le Bon was teaching, and he was planning his escape route from the school building. It was imperative that he escaped… Read More »

Sample Chapter! The Peg and the Pumice Stone

A Broken Candle
It is better to do something with what you don’t have, than to do nothing with what you do have. 
I was driving home. It was early November and it had been a glorious sunny day. It was that time of year when Read More »

Sample Chapter! The Kilfinan Treasure

Chapter One 
27th May 2017 
A satisfied smile suffused Tom Hodson’s face. His eyes alighted on St Finnan’s noticeboard, which welcomed him to the Scottish Episcopal Church. He took a moment to absorb its details before walking purposefully… Read More »

Simply Eat Friday! ‘This must be what family feels like’

How home-cooked brownies can set the scene for God to move! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Liz Grier of Unlimited Church shares the recipe God gave them for reaching urban youth and baking mouth-watering brownies!   Food has always been central to our church. In fact, Unlimited Church in Exeter has never held any … Read more …


How did you come to write these books and how do they relate to each other? The first manuscript I wrote was actually on a completely different subject, and not related to me or my own story at all! As I worked with the publisher, though, he kept asking for more about my own experiences. … Read more …

Simply Eat Friday! Empowered through baking

How baking can transform women’s lives! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Alice Williams and Rachel Stonehouse tell about Luminary Bakery’s amazing work in restoring lives, and share a unique, scrumptious recipe for home-baked bread! Read More »