Trevor, how long have you been writing and how did you get started? My dad was an English teacher and I grew up in a home where words and books were important, so I’ve always enjoyed putting pen to paper. Several years ago, I experimented with blogging as a way of working through ideas and … Read more …


David, when did you decide to write your story and why? It was in 2016, when I initially felt that God had put on my heart He wanted me to write my testimony into a book. At the time I was working full time and although I knew He had spoken to me about it, … Read more …

Sample Chapters! Bridging the Gaps

Sermons go to work on us in strange, almost inexpressible, ways. Sometimes, what we recall years after the event are not specific words or illustrations, or even the identity of the speaker. Instead, what lingers is an impression made upon us, a feeling of conviction or excitement which remains even if the detail of what was said has not stayed in our long-term memory… Read More »

Sample Chapters! Rescue

Chapter One
One of the strangest parts of growing up was always getting the strangest look when I gave my name when introducing myself. I guess back then there were many confused British people who couldn’t put a Pakistani together with an English name. Born in London in 1984… Read More »

Sample Chapters! Living with Alzheimer’s

Losing Things, One by One 
In the first year after Shoko’s diagnosis, life continued much as normal. She could still manage day-to-day activities – looking after the house, cooking, sewing, writing letters, cycling here and there… Read More »

NEW BOOK! Culture-clash ends in faith

A second-generation immigrant’s life transformed
Highlights identity questions facing second-generation kids
Shows emptiness of self-indulgence
How to find true satisfaction
An invitation to embrace God’s love and walk in intimacy with Him Read More »

Making books available for everyone with Torch Trust

At Instant Apostle, we are always looking for ways to make our publications available in new and accessible ways. A key partner in this is the amazing organisation Torch Trust that produces Christian reading in braille, giant print, audio and electronic media for people with sight loss worldwide. Nicki comments, ‘We are delighted that, through Torch … Read more …