Is there an evangelist in all of us? – Glyn Jones with Premier Christian Radio

Glyn Jones shares how we can all bring Jesus into our daily interactions with the people we meet! Glyn is a storyteller, everyday evangelist, researcher and lecturer – he co-leads The Light Project College, a theological centre training pioneers and evangelists to church plant and ‘normalise’ evangelism. Listen to Premier Christian Radio Interview Read More »


Liz Grier is a church leader, scientist, musician, teacher, wife and mother. She is also author of Beginning Unlimited, a book telling the inside story of how she and her husband planted Unlimited Church in Exeter, which exists to reach and care for youth on the margins. Liz, you sound like a person with very … Read more …

AUTHOR BLOG: Do we still need fairytales?

There’s a scene playing in my mind. It’s been coming and going for a while now. The setting is a wood in springtime, a classic fairytale style wood. Wild and leafy, the green air is alive with birdsong and flecks of pale sunlight, and deep through its heart runs a beaten track. Enter an old … Read more …

Sample Chapters! Come and See

With these majestic words John commenced his account of the man whose disciple he had been for more than three years. John had been present at all the significant events and teachings of those years, and he was one of only three apostles who were chosen to accompany Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration and… Read More »

Sample Chapters! Jesus in Town

Joining the dots (God paints a picture) 
I am lying in a sleeping bag on a mattress on the floor in semi-darkness in a large, warm church hall, listening to various people snoring. On the floor next to me is a pair of shoes, and… Read More »

Sample Chapters! Four

6th May 1996  
The man slid back the covers, swung his legs out of bed and slowly drew himself into a standing position. Slipping his feet into his slippers, he turned to glance at the clock on his bedside table. It registered a fraction past 7.30am.  Read More »


…part of the BLOG TOUR for Paul’s thriller! Your new novel, The Migrant, has a very strong sense of time and place. It is set in 2012 in Albania and Greece, during a time of enormous social upheaval because of the toxic mix of austerity, national debt, illegal immigration, the conflict between Greece and the European … Read more …

AUTHOR BLOG: How to talk to your kids about porn

Whenever I speak publicly about porn, I tend to get two kinds of people who want to speak to me afterwards. One is people who are struggling in that area themselves, and the other is people who are desperate for someone to help them talk to their teenager about porn. It’s not an easy conversation … Read more …