Simply Eat Friday! Fun with food – the missing ingredient

In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, former Hindu priest Rahil Patel shares what he believes the Western Church has forgotten about the importance of food and eating together!     Encountering Jesus Christ was a truly life-changing experience. My gradual realisation that this living and loving God was relational and not religious brought a deeper… Read more »

Simply Eat Friday! Feasts of friendship and faith

In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Andrew Smith of The Feast Project tells how eating together helps youth from different religious communities talk about faith, build friendships and change lives  – and he shares guidelines we all can follow to do the same!   As someone who has always enjoyed a good meal with friends… Read more »

AUTHOR BLOG: Imagining the autistic person’s world

1 – 7 April 2019 is National Autism Awareness Week, a nationwide effort to promote awareness, acceptance and appreciation of everyone on the autistic spectrum, helping them achieve the highest possible quality of life. According to the National Autistic Society, there are more than 700,000 people in the UK on the autistic spectrum. At one… Read more »

Simply Eat Friday! ‘This must be what family feels like’

How home-cooked brownies can set the scene for God to move! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Liz Grier of Unlimited Church shares the recipe God gave them for reaching urban youth and baking mouth-watering brownies!   Food has always been central to our church. In fact, Unlimited Church in Exeter has never held any… Read more »


How did you come to write these books and how do they relate to each other? The first manuscript I wrote was actually on a completely different subject, and not related to me or my own story at all! As I worked with the publisher, though, he kept asking for more about my own experiences…. Read more »

Simply Eat Friday! Empowered through baking

How baking can transform women’s lives! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Alice Williams and Rachel Stonehouse tell about Luminary Bakery’s amazing work in restoring lives, and share a unique, scrumptious recipe for home-baked bread! Read More »

NEW BOOK: No longer strangers?

Seeking safety and a home Detained and denied Inside story of a family seeking asylum How can the divide be broken? Trusting God in a foreign land Faith that overcomes Shows how to help‘A must-read.’ Paul Sydnor, Europe Regional Leader, International Association for Refugees According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide,[1] 120 people have been killed since February… Read more »

NEW BOOK: Finding hope after abuse

After abuse… what? Whom can you believe? Learning to trust again Aimed at young adults and those who seek to help them A search for meaning and worth Gripping and relevant story ‘A story of hope.’ Mark Blackwell, Safeguarding Advisor, Hampshire County Council The twenty-first-century challenges faced by many children and teenagers both here in… Read more »