Sample Chapters! Four

6th May 1996  
The man slid back the covers, swung his legs out of bed and slowly drew himself into a standing position. Slipping his feet into his slippers, he turned to glance at the clock on his bedside table. It registered a fraction past 7.30am.  Read More »


…part of the BLOG TOUR for Paul’s thriller! Your new novel, The Migrant, has a very strong sense of time and place. It is set in 2012 in Albania and Greece, during a time of enormous social upheaval because of the toxic mix of austerity, national debt, illegal immigration, the conflict between Greece and the European… Read more »

AUTHOR BLOG: How to talk to your kids about porn

Whenever I speak publicly about porn, I tend to get two kinds of people who want to speak to me afterwards. One is people who are struggling in that area themselves, and the other is people who are desperate for someone to help them talk to their teenager about porn. It’s not an easy conversation… Read more »

Simply Eat Friday! My Passover debt

For the Easter weekend, this sample chapter from Simply Eat tells Lynne Bradley’s story of how celebrating the Passover with her Jewish family as a girl first sparked faith for her in the gospel. Plus, there’s a lovely family recipe for traditional Jewish chicken soup! Read More »


In her book Time to Live: The Beginner’s Guide to Saying Goodbye, Instant Apostle author, Ann Clifford, addresses the personal and practical elements of dying, acknowledging the pain and confusion that accompany loss, but also helping the reader to conquer their fears and to view death as a portal to the future. Ann, why did… Read more »

NEW BOOK: What happens when Jesus comes to town

Do you struggle with church unity?
Is your church making a difference?
Inspirational account of God moving in east London
Part of global city transformation movement
A call to church partnership
Effective and relevant local mission Read More »

NEW BOOK: Come and see Jesus in John’s Gospel

Reveals Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and Son of God
Emphasises first century Jewish context, culture and language
Contains whole text of John’s Gospel for easy narrative reading
Clear contemporary language and many fresh insights
Fifty-two chapters for through-the-year reflection Read More »