NEW BOOK: A Hand Stretched Across the Void

When I Gave My Daughter My Kidney

‘Deeply fascinating, challenging and impacting. I’m certain that as you read you will discover a God who loves you.’
Rev Anne Calver, author, speaker, church leader, Unleashed overseer

There are around 7,000 people on the UK Transplant Waiting List, and while there are many successful matches, hundreds die every year because no organ can be found. June’s young daughter, Tracey, would have been one of these tragic statistics if her mother hadn’t given her one of her kidneys.

While still a young girl in the 1970s, Tracey was diagnosed with… Read More »

Sample Chapters: The Sound of Musings


Since 1965, the Hollywood blockbuster The Sound of Music has, rather like Marmite or peanut butter, divided people into two camps: those who love it and those who don’t. For those who love it, the story and its songs have provided a soundtrack of joy for decades and still offers a feel-good factor today.

I remember the first time I watched Maria singing and swirling atop that iconic mountain as the film began… Read More »

Sample Chapters: A Hand Stretched Across the Void

Foreword: 1982

I was crossing the line, drifting into a peaceful sleep, when I heard the phone ring. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 12.30am. Who would be calling at this time of night? Irritated, I went downstairs and lifted the receiver, my sleepy ears still not prepared to hear the voice on the other end of the phone.

‘Hello, this is the transplant coordinator at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.’

My heart started beating rapidly and an unexplainable swell of heat hit all parts of my body… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Awe+Wonder

Art awards book opens a window on the gospel

‘In media circles, art seems to have become synonymous with money and status. It’s good to be reminded that it has other meanings too.’
Clive Davis, awards judge 2021, The Times

The Chaiya Art Awards, the UK’s foremost art awards illuminating spirituality, is bigger and better than ever this year. With a first prize of £10,000, this is the third time the biennial competition has been held, and more than 100 artists’ works were displayed in a unique exhibition… Read More »

Sample Chapters: Awe+Wonder


SHE WAS HOT; she was tired. Everybody had stopped because of the heat of the day, and it was time for food. She raised her head upwards and the light of the sun winked through the trees, its mottled shadows spreading over her skin. One step higher, one further extension of her right arm, and she would reach a plump cluster of green olives.

She stepped, she stretched, she clasped and pulled, then sudden triumph. Some fell to the ground on the fabric laid out to catch the fruit… Read More »

NEW NOVEL: Life of Glass

Can a pandemic colour our view of God?

‘As I journeyed through each window, I couldn’t help but be moved by Amalric’s life to reflect on my own life.’
Rev Jason Powell, Greater Manchester

As recent news has reminded us, the Covid-19 pandemic and our response to it remain very much frontpage news. But if this shows their lasting impact on our lives, how much more must the terrible plagues of the Middle Ages have influenced the people they left behind – and even their understanding of God… Read More »

Sample Chapters: Life of Glass

Part One
Chapter One
Amalric Faceby settled in his chair. The age-loosened wooden joints shifted slightly, causing it to strain to one side, but he’d learnt to compensate and didn’t mind the familiar bother of it. He adjusted his position to correct the leaning and let the chair hold him with its arms and high back. He felt as one with it; like him, its legs were scarred with burns and it creaked the wear and tear… Read More »

NEW BOOK: The Now Generation

Empowering Gen Z to lead today!

‘An accessible and rich resource for young people in particular to reach their full potential.’
Carolyn Skinner, CEO Third Space Ministries

Plagued by mental health pressures and fears about the future, Gen Z – those born since 1997 – appear to be a generation in crisis. According to global management consultants, McKinsey & Company, they have the least positive outlook on life and poorest levels of emotional and social wellbeing. So how can they be expected to lead and have influence today? Read More »

NEW BOOK: The Priest from Pakistan

Church of England’s first female, South Asian priest shares her inspirational story

‘An inspirational testimonial story, courageously and devotedly shared.’
Alwin J Samuel, Bishop of Sialkot, Pakistan

When Amelia Jacobs was ordained in 1994, it was an intimidating experience. She was part of the first cohort of female priests to be ordained into the Church of England, and their ordination was not welcomed by everyone. Furthermore, she was the first to be ordained from Pakistan… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Talking with God

Rediscover God’s voice in Lent and beyond

‘Will deepen your faith and prayer life. A great resource for those who truly seek a deeper relationship with God through Scripture.’
Father Peter Williams OSB, Worth Abbey

Lent begins on Wednesday, 22nd February. Traditionally a chance to step back and reflect on our faith and relationship with God, what if this year Lent was able to transform not just the next forty days but the rest of our lives? Read More »