Trying to Fly

“Haunting memories arouse a dormant mystery”

Annie Try

ISBN: 9781909728615

272 Pages

Published Feb 2017


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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Jenny Drake has never forgotten what she saw on that Devon beach. Just a small girl at the time, those frightening events have overshadowed her life ever since.

Determined to escape their cruel effect and be free, she ignores her psychologist’s warnings and forces herself to revisit the scene. When she is overcome by fear and emotion, Jim, a local cafŽ owner with memories like her own, comes to her aide. Together they begin a journey to understand what happened all those years ago and why – a search that will soon put their own lives in danger.

As the mystery deepens, the circle of interest quickly widens – but who can Jenny trust? Can she even believe her new friend Jim? And will she ever fly free of the past?

Part of the Dr Mike Lewis series with Out of Silence.

  • This novel fascinated me! It is a multi-layered and satisfying detective story but so much more, as it takes us on a journey into healing from childhood trauma, overcoming our fears and daring to relearn trust in relationships. I really enjoyed it!

    Jennifer Rees Larcombe, author of Beauty from Ashes

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