Creative writing workshop! – Angela Hobday with Premier Christian Radio

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Would you know how to start writing a novel?

Successful novelist and chair of the Association of Christian Writers, Angela Hobday, runs an on-air creative writing workshop! Listen from 1hr 14mins into the programme…

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  • Annie Try

    Annie Try lives in West Norfolk with husband Ken, their Old English Sheepdog and rescue cat. She began her writing career while working as a consultant clinical psychologist, contributing to academic journals under her married name, Angela Hobday. She has co-written four books on working creatively with children and families, which have been published internationally.

  • Trying to Fly

    Annie Try

    Jenny Drake has never forgotten what she saw on that Devon beach. Just a small girl at the time, those frightening events have overshadowed her life ever since.

  • Out of Silence

    Annie Try

    Jaded Clinical Psychologist Dr Mike Lewis is on the edge. Separated from his wife, Ella, and deeply wounded by the death of their child, the future is bleak. But when he is assigned the case of mute asylum seeker 'Johnny Two', things begin to change.

  • Red Cabbage Blue

    Annie Try

    Christmas is fast approaching when psychologist Dr Mike Lewis is presented with the most unlikely client – twenty-two-year-old Adelle Merchant. Dressed all in blue, she could be like any other young woman. Except it’s not just her clothes – her hair, her home, everything she eats or drinks has to be blue...