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A good read

‘A great story, interweaving mystery with the realistic portrayal of agoraphobia and one woman’s courageous battle to be free of it by facing memories and trauma from the past. And a bit of romance’ Read More »

Norfolk author’s novel examines mental health

‘Angela was a clinical psychologist for 30 years before doing an MA in Creative Writing. She draws on her experience to portray fictional plots, characters and a medley of difficult emotions and situations that bring drama and understanding’ Read More »

AUTHOR BLOG: Fiction and mental health

It is my privilege to welcome you to 2019 and the first Instant Apostle author blog! I am writing this when there is a problem with my work-in-progress. I have invested a great deal of time and energy trying to create something a little different. Maybe I was a little too experimental or submitted it … Read more …

Lovely day at Green Pastures Christian Bookshop today – met interesting people and sold a few books! Read More »

Atmospheric thriller

With an increasingly atmospheric and suspenseful mystery at its heart, this book kept me hooked until the end. Most fascinating was being inside the heroine’s head as events unfolded. Read More »

Whom To Trust?

It was a very different style of murder mystery but one that captured my interest from the start. Suspicion lurked around every corner and even I wondered who was trustworthy. And who was the perpetrator? Read More »