Found by Love

“A Hindu priest encounters Jesus Christ”

Rahil Patel

ISBN: 9781909728424

256 Pages

Published Jan 2016


Paperback £9.99 Kindle £5.99
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The true story of a successful Hindu priest whose world was changed by an unexpected encounter with the love of Jesus Christ.

Devoted to the Hindu scriptures and committed to his faith’s rituals and practices, Rahil Patel was a model priest. He was a brilliant academic and a captivating speaker for one of the most affluent Hindu organisations in the world.

Yet for all his success, Rahil felt a hunger in his heart and a longing for peace. But nothing seemed to work – until he had an unexpected encounter with the love of the risen Jesus Christ. Finally he found the love he had been looking for. It was the beginning of a surprising journey in which he experienced both painful stripping away and inner healing, leading to a freedom he had never known.

Found by Love won Christian Resources Together Biography of the Year 2017.

  • Rahil's story of transformation is a wonderful testimony to the grace of God working in a person's life.

    Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton
  • I laughed and cried as I read Rahil's phenomenal journey through life. As one living in India from a similar background, the questions Rahil asked were similar to those that haunted me for so many years.

    This brilliant book is a must-read for everybody, whatever belief system you come from, whether you are an Easterner or a Westerner. I encourage you to pick it up with reverence and see for yourself if it answers your questions about truth and joy. I cannot commend this book highly enough.

    Shanti, Iris Ministries India
  • I remember the first time that I met Rahil. I was overwhelmed by the depth of this man, attracted to the peace which he carried but also aware of a beauty about him which I knew was his lifes journey. This book is like meeting him again. There is depth and peace, but most importantly there is the beauty of the journey. Rahil encourages us all and draws us in to his story in such a beautiful way. As he explains, his name Rahil means "one who takes the beauty from the past into the future and leaves the bitterness behind". This is what this book will do for all who read it if they open their hearts as Rahil has done.

    Read it, enjoy it, but most importantly allow his story to become yours and for your future to become more beautiful than your past.

    Thank you, Rahil, I knew that I had met a man of peace and beauty, and now I know why.

    Paul Manwaring, Head of Global Legacy, Bethel Church, Redding, California
  • Rahil's story is breath-taking. As I read it I kept wondering what would come next! It is an easy read, full of insight and shrewd observation. Above all it is an amazingly honest account of his journey to faith in Jesus, a journey with many questions and much painful stripping away, but ultimately extraordinary joy.

    Ram Gidoomal, Chairman, South Asian Concern

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