News for Found by Love

Stunning book

‘I read this book in just over 24 hours. I was again captivated by the undeserved and abundant grace of Jesus Christ and how He does all He can to find us where we are at’ Read More »

A brilliant night for @instantapostle and Rahil Patel at the #CRT2017 Awards. ‘Found by Love’ wins Best Biography Read More »

Interview: Rahil Patel

My first experience with Christ was outside of any theology I knew about God. It was a deep, tangible, and very physical sense of peace and joy. Read More »

Heartwarming and honest

Absorbing account of a Hindu priest ‘s search for a loving God, and how his eventual encounter with Jesus provided the answer to all his questions. Well-written and honest, this is a testament to the loving persistence of God. Read More »