Rahil Patel

Devoted to the Hindu scriptures and committed to his faith’s rituals and practices, Rahil Patel was a model priest. As a brilliant academic and captivating speaker, he travelled internationally for one of the most influential Hindu organisations in the world, promoting Hindu thought in political, social and economic spheres. Sincere and eloquent, his spiritual counsel was received by politicians, industrialists and celebrities.

Yet for all this, Rahil felt a hunger in his heart for peace. Hoping to find a loving God, he intensified his meditations and study of the Hindu scriptures, but nothing seemed to work – until he unexpectedly encountered the risen Jesus Christ! Finally he had been found by the love he was looking for! So began an extraordinary journey of painful stripping away and profound inner healing that would lead to a joyous freedom he had never known possible.

Now an author, speaker and coach, he is co-founder of the Rahil Patel Foundation.

Found by Love won Christian Resources Together’s ‘Biography of the Year’ award in 2017.

Books by Rahil Patel

  • Found by Love

    Rahil Patel

    The true story of a successful Hindu priest whose world was changed by an unexpected encounter with the love of Jesus Christ.

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