A Journey Of Discovery

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‘powerful exploration of a character suffering from mental illness who needs love and understanding. Annie Try has captured Adelle perfectly and woven her into the fabric of my heart’

  • Annie Try

    Annie Try lives in West Norfolk with husband Ken, their Old English Sheepdog and rescue cat. She began her writing career while working as a consultant clinical psychologist, contributing to academic journals under her married name, Angela Hobday. She has co-written four books on working creatively with children and families, which have been published internationally.

  • Red Cabbage Blue

    Annie Try

    Christmas is fast approaching when psychologist Dr Mike Lewis is presented with the most unlikely client – twenty-two-year-old Adelle Merchant. Dressed all in blue, she could be like any other young woman. Except it’s not just her clothes – her hair, her home, everything she eats or drinks has to be blue...