Red Cabbage Blue

“Some colours are never forgotten”

Annie Try

ISBN: 9781912726110

384 Pages

Published Sep 2019


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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Christmas is fast approaching when psychologist Dr Mike Lewis is presented with the most unlikely client – twenty-two-year-old Adelle Merchant. Dressed all in blue, she could be like any other young woman. Except it’s not just her clothes – her hair, her home, everything she eats or drinks has to be blue.

Seeing beyond a surface diagnosis, Mike works with Adelle to delve deeper, uncovering family secrets her over-protective mother has long suppressed. Emboldened by a blossoming romance, Adelle travels to New York and seeks to put right a crime that has shaped both her life and another’s beyond recognition.

Is it too late for the truth to come out? Are some wounds too deep to be healed? And how will pursuing the mystery affect Adelle’s obsession?

  • ...a novel where you think, ‘Just one more page and then I’ll go to bed,’ and an hour later you’re still avidly reading.

    Amazon reviewer, Out of Silence

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