NEW BOOK: A novel of abuse, healing and new beginnings

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A story of hurt and healing, of justice and truth-telling, of forgiveness and new beginnings

When the caretaker of St Peter’s finds that the church has been broken into early on the Saturday morning after Christmas and that the elderly intruder is still in the building and kneeling at the communion rail, no one is quite sure what to do. What’s more, his startling resemblance to the picture of the suffering Christ that has hung in the church for fifty years unsettles all who catch sight of him. But this is as nothing compared to the disturbing impact of his continuing presence on the church and the town as a whole. As his identity becomes clear and his story unfolds, long-hidden truths emerge and life in Penford can never be quite the same again…

This is a novel that unflinchingly faces up to some of the major issues of our time: the importance of truth-telling, the hurt of sexual abuse, the continuing relevance of faith, the relationship between justice and forgiveness.

An enthusiastic young vicar, a hard-nosed local newspaper editor, a recovering and occasionally lapsing alcoholic, a reclusive landscape painter and a man who has suffered terrible hurt from a religious authority figure – these are just some of the cast of characters whose lives are changed for ever as the story progresses to its moving climax.

‘I want readers to enjoy a really good story,’ says Chick. ‘I want them to be moved, to laugh and to cry and to take away a sense of wonder. And I hope that they will catch glimpses and echoes of the one BIG story that lies behind all our stories and that alone makes sense of life.’

In The Man who broke into St Peter’s, Chick Yuill tells a story which offers the hope that the lost can be found, the worst of wrongs can be forgiven and the most grievous of their hurts can be healed.

All author royalties from this book are being donated to Church Response For Refugees.

What reviewers say:

‘An absorbing story that begins with a mystery, takes us on a journey that engages the mind and ultimately stirs the heart. Facing issues of hurt and forgiveness through well-written characters, this is fiction that will cause much thought and reflection. Rich in symbolism, this book highlights the flaws and beauty of being human. The Man who Broke into St. Peter’s will impact and reward the reader with the currency of hope. A highly recommended experience.’
Nick Matthews, church leader

Praise for Chick Yuill’s first novel, Rooks at Dusk
‘A page-turner of a novel that I read in a single evening.’
Dr. Bex Lewis, senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University


The Man who Broke into St Peter’s (ISBN: 9781909728875) by Chick Yuill is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 21st September 2018 from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Fiction, paperback, 296pp, £8.99
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    When the caretaker of St Peter’s finds that the church has been broken into early on the Saturday morning after Christmas, and that the...