Rooks at Dusk

“On the other side of despair, what is left to believe in?”

Chick Yuill

ISBN: 9781909728653

288 Pages

Published Jul 2017


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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Where can a man find grace when he no longer believes?

Ray Young, an experienced Christian leader, has been married for almost thirty years. But his once vibrant faith, like his marriage, is steadily fading, and relations with his only son Ollie, a struggling stand-up comedian, are increasingly strained.

Facing this looming crisis of faith, Ray begins an anguished, escapist affair, only for Ollie to discover his father’s infidelity. Confronted by his actions, Ray has one chance to rescue the life that is crumbling around him.

But when tragedy strikes, it seems all hope of redemption is gone…

Rooks at Dusk sensitively explores questions of grace and forgiveness in a world where not everything can be mended, but where there is still reason for hope.

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