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‘what we have to offer the world is not primarily a set of doctrinal propositions but a story  –  a messy story, with all kinds of loose ends and questions we can’t easily answer, but a story in which people encounter God’ Read More »

I loved this book!

‘I loved this book – for the characters , the description of the struggles , hurts and despair- but the hope and realisation that there is always a way back to faith’ Read More »


‘It achieves the rare feat of being genuinely spiritually inspiring in a way that adds to the story rather than detracts from it. Highly recommended.’ Read More »


Chick, your first novel, Rooks at Dusk, follows the story of a Christian leader who has a crisis of faith and is unfaithful to his wife. In a nutshell, what’s your second book about?

My second book, The Man Who Broke into St Peter’s, is all about just that – the man who broke into St Peter’s. It does what it says on the tin! Read More »

#WorldBookDay #LifeStories @chickyuill1 talks about his #book Rooks at Dusk. As we cope with #uksnow #Manchester #Author Chick gives us #ThursdayMotivation with this story of #Reconciliation #Father #Son #StDavidsDay2018 It’s a perfect #FathersDay gift on #UniMentalHealthDay Read More »

Chick Yuill interview with The Profile on Premier Christian Radio

This week on The Profile, Sam Hailes interviews author and speaker Chick Yuill and Dami Okeke meets the multi award-winning Nigerian Gospel singer Sinach. Chick is a popular speaker at various Christian events including Spring Harvest and the author of recently released novel Rooks at Dusk. In this interview, Chick explains how CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters changed his life … Read more …