Where is God in Our 21st-Century World?

“Showcasing the Chaiya Art Awards finalists”

Ann Clifford

ISBN: 9781909728905

96 Pages

Published Sep 2018

Mindfulness and Spirituality

Hardback £15.00
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This is a book for the curious and open-minded, for people of all faiths and none. It is bursting with richness and diversity, vulnerability and exploration, colour and fragility, treasure and beauty.

The featured artists care about our world and the life it sustains. Their persistent probing to find meaning and understanding through what they create is hugely important to us all.

Does God exist? If He is real, where is He and what does He have to offer?

Don’t expect answers but rather a multitude of original and provocative responses that will draw you further into the mystery of just where is God in our 21st-century world.

Accompanying book to the 2018 Chaiya Art Awards exhibition.

  • Really interesting, thought provoking works of art.

    BBC 1 South Today News
  • All I would like to say is well done. Many of us talk about art and faith - you have made something actually happen.

    The Revd Mark Dean, Chaplain and Interfaith Advisor, University of the Arts, London
  • Such a fantastic exhibition.

    Sputnik Magazine
  • I was reading the book on the way back. It is so well put together both in terms of design and the text by Ann Clifford which, as well as being thought-provoking, weaves it all together.

    P Cresswell

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