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Ann, why did you want to write a book about death?

The one thing we know for certain in life is that we will die. This will happen to 100% of us yet most of us do not want to talk about it. As Christians we have a glorious perspective. The reason the idea came to write the book was whilst working with the over 60s for a period of years. Some guests to our free monthly tea party were 70s, 80s and yet they would not talk about dying… Read More »

An award-winning year!

2018 has been a fantastic year for Instant Apostle!

A particular highlight was being awarded the Small Publisher of the Year Award at the annual industry Christian Resources Together gathering in the autumn. To be recognised by our peers in this way was an incredible honour and is testament to all the amazing work done by our team and wonderful authors! Read More »

Blog Tour! #10

Asks a daring, some would say dangerous question, which historically has caused division, anger, apathy and offence, yet Chaiya Art has managed to forge it’s own path – an achievement to be celebrated… Read More »

Blog Tour! #9

Is God absent? A new-born lamb, sleeping or stillborn. Is it a sacrifice. If so, to what, and for whom? Read More »

Blog Tour! #8

‘Christian publishers don’t usually do Books Like This’ – find out what makes Where is God in Our 21st-Century World? so unique! Read More »

Blog Tour! #7

A God’s Eye View – with artist Elisabeth Rutt, one of the winners of the Bezalel Award, sponsored by the Bible Society! Read More »