The Kilfinan Treasure

Harry Hunter

ISBN: 9781912726059

128 Pages

Published Mar 2019


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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Something has happened to disturb the cheery routine of Kilfinan, a bustling port on the Scottish coast. Anonymous poetic entries in the local newspaper hint at hidden treasure in the area – and the key to solving their mystery seems to lie in passages from the Bible. Attracting interest from all quarters, each poem impacts the life of a different reader, speaking to them in ways they could not expect.

But who is setting the clues, and why? Is there an actual treasure, or are the poems just a clever way to get people back to the Bible? And how might seven local Celtic saints tie everything together?

Come and meet the amiable inhabitants of Kilfinan as they quest after what could yet be the greatest treasure of all!

  • A tale of a treasure hunt, with the Bible providing clues: a highly enjoyable read, and an edifying one. Strongly recommended.

    Professor Peter Scott, Director of the Lincoln Theological Institute based at Manchester University
  • I became involved: led through a puzzle and along the way I am introduced to a spectrum of well-portrayed people, each different in personality and circumstance – a telling cross section of any parish. Incorporation of modern media, bloggers and search engines make it all very realistic. Many of the trite dictums of Church teaching are given a new relevance. Pass it on!

    Bud Young, magazine editor and landscape consultant
  • With characters that pop, spirited dialogue and puzzles that pull you in, this book will keep you reading until the last surprising page.

    H Jones, author of the award winning Shona McKenzie mysteries

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